Hauto fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Pineapple
  • Heart

    • Tuberose, Rose, Spices
  • Base

    • Enigmatic Musks

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Hauto is a powerfully exotic fragrance combining in a markedly sultry accord three main elements: spicy musk, tuberose and pineapple. All the rest is accessorial despite I detect citrus and a rosey whiff along the way. Tuberose in particular is redolent, "kind of almondy" and vaguely minty. I wonder if a touch of heliotrope has been included in the mix. Pineapple is amazing, "sunny", juicy and "bright" (kind of projecting its fruitiness with a long tropical jet). You can figure on mind caribbean shores, floral crowns, dance competitions and exotic coconutty cocktails. Along the way the muskiness smells more and more restrained, warm (with hints of balmy/rosey/woody resins), organic, dry spicy and unisex (while opening smells kind of properly feminine, "old-cologney" and naif with a sort of old-school and vaguely stuffy/chypre floral hesperidic blast). This fragrance finally amalgamates its sexy warmth perfectly with my skin smelling itself properly as a sort of floral organic potion (quite erotic and "tanned as a tanned perfumed skin"). A more than appropriate choice for all those artistic spirits loving shows, nocturnal spectacles, a far lands break-out, summer-resorts and sultry ambiences.
28th February 2021