Harrods Swarovski Crystal Oud Edition fragrance notes

  • Head

    • black pepper, cumin
  • Heart

    • amber, myrrh
  • Base

    • oud, vetiver

Latest Reviews of Harrods Swarovski Crystal Oud Edition

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Smells like a realistic, rubbery, fecal oud. I don't really smell the surrounding listed notes, even though I've really been sniffing specifically for the vetiver the other reviews mention. I'm trying to comprehend exactly how the vetiver is effecting the oud. My best guess is that it's adding a mineralic element, which is most notable in the base.

In all, a good oud perfume.
17th June 2022
My only Bond and at that just a decant. This is a good scent.

Sparkly vetiver much like the vetiver/nutmeg/sage character of Mona's Vetyver. Synthetic oud takes second chair. A dollop of cypress. Some pepper and resin. It all comes together. Unisex. Very attractive and polite.
30th October 2017

When I first sprayed this, I was hit by incredible animalic barnyard scent. I smell horse manure, tons of vetiver, and the least little hint of the strange Bond no 9 note I call Melted plastic. I liked the scent, but thought it unwearable in public. After 1/2 hour, the Myrrh showed more, and it settled down to a wearable fragrance. Perhaps an 7/10. The main problem is that there is no projection and longevity is there-but very close to the skin. For $400 I expect more projection/longevity like most other Bonds. NOT full bottle worthy, but a sample or two to spray when I'm home alone and can sniff my skin without people looking...
4th June 2016
Amazing and unique scent from the House of Bond no 9 in NYC.

Masculine, Dark, Mysterious, Sensual Composition of Oud and Vetiver that lasts and lasts; this is probably the best Oud scent I have ever smelled and one that I shall truly cherish forever.

Excellent longevity and silage.

Double thumbs up!
20th January 2013
Harrod's Limited Edition Oud (Swarvski Oud) by Bond No. 9.
This blend depicting an oud centric fragrance by Bond No. 9 is perhaps the best - in my opinion one of the best - oud perfumes made. Why the best? A tired old refrain from one of my art school professor's was "You know it's a good design if you roll it down a hill and nothing falls off". Nothing falls off of Bond's Harrod's Ltd. Edition Oud. The opening is gruff with pepper, smokey cumin and resinous myrrh. The oud is warm and deeply medicinal while the base smoothes out with a soft amber warmth all landing on a vetiver grassy cool earth base. The fragrance just works very all around. It is rough hewn but warm and soft. It is medicinal and incensey while maintaining a green grounded to the earth feel. This is the oud fragrance that got me sold on oud as a central note for a fragrance. Very well done. rating 5 / 5.
5th December 2012
One word...amazing. It is no wonder that the few reviews of this I have read are so positive.

This starts with a powerful blast of wood, oud but marked with a little bit of sweet green, probably the vetiver and there is something a little bit sour here too. Not a lemony sour or a milk sour, but something sour I can't put my finger on. Is this the oud or the vetiver? Whatever it is it adds a remarkable note to the opening and it stays throughout. Amber is noticeable and so is the myrrh adding a nice layer, but make no mistake, this is an oud fragrance, just uplifted with other notes that are done so well. Pepper adds just a touch of sharpness to balance out the sweet of the amber. Cumin adds a slight dirty note but I have to search to find it on me. The scent is rather linear after a brief opening. I have never been a big fan of vetiver, but the vetiver here adds nicely to the oud, a coupling that really, really works! This fragrance is indeed a rockstar. If there is a downside to this it is the longevity (or is my nose getting used to the smell when I wear it?). I get maybe four good hours and then it seems weak and I will have to admit, I freshened up the scent with a little spray to make it more apparent. I asked a co-worker what she thought of this one and her reply was simply, "ummm...that's a really good one!"

It occured to me that this one shares a lot with Dior's Leather Oud. I may get slammed for this comparison, but I am wearing Harrod's Oud on my left wrist and Leather Oud on my right wrist right now (and I smell wonderful!) and I get a very similar vibe. Harrod's Oud is a bit more resiny and a bit greener, Leather Oud is more leathery and has that touch of animalic civet but both are oud heavy and both seem to share what I will call the same "fragrance space". Leather Oud seems to be more about oud wood and Harrod's seems to be a bit more about resin and oud.

I may get slammed for this too, but I absolutely love both of these even if I see them as a bit redundant. If I were to choose one, I would go for Dior's Leather Oud for two reasons. First, LO lasts for a very long time and is very strong. I easily get 12 hours from it and it clings to clothes. I love the dirty edge of it. Bond's Harrod's Oud is equal as far as enjoyment but the longevity for me is not nearly as good as Dior's. Then there is the price. Harrod's Oud is certainly worth the price if you can get the plain bottle, not worth it for the blinged out bottle IMHO. Dior's Leather Oud is just plain cheap if you buy the 8.5 ounce bottle.

EDIT 2023: What was I thinking? Longevity is stellar. 20 hours later today and it's still going nicely. I'm very glad I found a non-bejeweled bottle back in the day. One of the best oud scents..
31st March 2012