Harrods Jubilee fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lantana, mace
  • Heart

    • rose, tuberose, orris
  • Base

    • amber, musk, sandalwood

Latest Reviews of Harrods Jubilee

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I bought this scent from Harrods London in honour to our English Queen Elizabeth II and also as a loyal Bond lover.

The bottle is very much like a retro image of all the typical London Royal attire (Buckingham Palace, Royal Guards, Royal Carriage, Flags...)

The scent is very well done...

It starts with some fleeting but wonderful citrusy/verbena notes that are followed by a beautiful blend of rose and tuberose with some faint grounding of orris root that controls the sweetness of the flowers; this heart note phase does last forever and ever and it is truly beautiful. The drydown in my nose is a lighter version of the heart notes with some faint musk, amber and sandalwood notes.

The scent overall reminds me of a blend of Bond no 9 Harrods for Her and Harrods Rose

Incredibly powerful scent with never ending longevity so 2 sprays are more than enough...you have been warned...

Initially I thought the scent was very feminine but if applied lightly, it can work as unisex.

If you are a Bond no 9 lover like myself...give this one a try...you might also fall in love with it and use it on those special royal occasions...

Big thumbs up...!!!

2nd June 2012