Bond No.9 say:

Bond No. 9 Harrods for Him is an elegant male fougère that has been updated with gourmand accent flavors.  In it, classic lavender, violet leaf, sandalwood, and musk mingle with rhubarb, star anise, chamomile, and pimento leaves.

Harrods for Him fragrance notes

  • Head

    • rhubarb leaf, star anise, chamomile
  • Heart

    • lavandin, pimento berries, violet leaf
  • Base

    • birchwood, musk, sandalwood

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A Polo-esque metallic lavender fougere with an artificial red "froot" note added. The metallic vibe is continued through the heart with some silvery violet leaf, and that's about it.

There's nothing bad here, but I'm old enough to remember when every cheap mall cologne smelled like some variation of this, before the "woody ambers" and aquatics took over. As such, I feel like you could smell like this for much less money and effort, but for what it is, this is well done.
16th June 2022
Laurent Le Guernec's
Beautiful complications
Always intrigue me.
3rd December 2017

Very nice, unique fragrance. Very well done. Not necessarily one of my favorites on me, but for earthy scent lovers for sure.
5th May 2014
Absolutely superb fragrance - I can't understand the scathing reviews from some people on this one, though of course fragrance is a highly subjective, personal subject!

I tried this one in the Harrods store in Knightsbridge and found the initial impression of the top notes to be reasonably good, without that "wow" factor...but it soon developed into a different beast altogether, with gorgeous rich, masculine notes all the way through. I've rarely worn a fragrance that has developed so much.

I also wear Riverside Drive and New Haarlem from the Bond no 9 stable, and Cool Water Deep and Tom Ford on other occasions, but Harrods is my absolute favourite. Two people have commented on how nice it is when I've been wearing it. It has good sillage and longevity. It's perhaps more of a winter fragrance as it's towards the heavier end of the spectrum, with the overall impression being elegance, refinement and classiness.

A real gem - big thumbs up from this reviewer!
1st December 2010
Harrods for him has been my latest trip into sensory pleasures by Bond no 9. A delicious scent with strikingly clean musky green accords; very long lasting and a winner with the ladies...Unusual? Yes, Pleasurable? Oh Yes, Delicious? Absolutely...!!!I recommend it to all basenoters...A big thumbs up !!!
4th August 2010
Paper-thin, lacking severely in complexity.Harsh, ugly topnotes give way to cheap smelling barely-there heart notes. No base whatsoever.This is probably best kept exactly where it IS: In relative obscurity (unless you shop at Harrods).An embarassment, indeed.
28th June 2010
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