Bond No.9 say:  

Bond No. 9 Harrods for Her is an eau de parfum that captures both the future-oriented spirit of 21st century Harrods and the eclectic downtown vibe of Bond No. 9.  Its key ingredient, and its only floral component, is one that is coveted by both British and American scent aficionados: tuberose. But this tuberose has been given a chic 21st century twist.  For the first time here, it is paired with leather, turning it into a tuberose noir.  Surrounding this unique coupling are alternately zesty and languorous sidekicks - neroli, mandarin, chamomile, clary sage, and nutmeg, followed by the warm after-scent of amber, sandalwood, and vetiver.   

Harrods for Her fragrance notes

  • Head

    • neroli, mandarin, wild chamomile
  • Heart

    • tuberose, clary sage, nutmeg
  • Base

    • amber, leather, sandalwood, vetiver

Latest Reviews of Harrods for Her

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Bright violets at first, made fruity with citrus, quickly joined by the tuberose that's the real star of the show. This is, at its core, a tuberose fruity floral, but it's made both green and peppery by vetiver. It has the creamy richness of ylang, the tangy citrus of orange blossom, and the round herbal greenness of clary sage.

It makes for an interesting combination. This is clearly inspired by Fracas, but with the fruit turned up to modernize it, but the supporting elements go a long way to keep it from falling into "copy" status.

With time, the violets make the transition into suede and the neroli arrives, leaving a smell akin to leathery tuberose orange, surrounded by tendrils of herbs and lingering wisps of pink. This is well orchestrated and interesting, though I would argue that Petit Fracas, the Fracas flanker, does what this does better. I'm voting neutral because I just don't like fruity florals that much, but this is well done.
25th June 2022
I had a sample and tried it several times over several years. At first, I really liked it, found the floral component lovely. Then after several months either the sample changed, or my nose changed, and I found the perfume rather screechy. I didn't touch it for another year, and she been wearing it recently to use up the sample. No longer screechy, but now I find the top and middle notes completely generic, and only enjoy the vetiver in the base. Happy to have finished the sample, would not purchase a larger amount.
3rd September 2016

Nice fragrance overall, the florals are exquisite. My problem is with the basenotes. They are somewhat dissonant to the nice top notes. Drop the leather and it would be less dissonant
23rd February 2013
I tried Harrods for him in June 2010 and truly loved it...I have tried Harrods for her since then and have also thoroughly enjoyed it...on the initial spritz you can enjoy a beautiful sweet mandarin and neroli that does last for a good half hour, then a very fresh sweet light tuberose emerges to envelope you in heaven for at least 3 hours caressing you with every breath you take; does not feel particularly feminine to me; the drydown is beautiful, tranquil and peaceful with amber, leather, sandalwood and vetiver but with a sweet hint of tuberose still in the background...think autumn in yellow and brown terracotta leaves dancing with you in the wind...The bottle is also incredible...Thumbs up...!!!
1st October 2010
Harrods for Her is not unique or groundbreaking as it reminds me alot of Narcotic Venus and Michael by Michael Kors. It is, however, less overtly feminine than the former and more restrained than the latter. The opening of the fragrance is slightly citrusy and cool, and feels quite unisex to me. As the tuberose emerges, the other notes lent it a slightly cool character, stopping it from becoming too cloying or tropical. As is usual with Bond No. 9 fragrances, the longevity of this is excellent. For me Harrods for Her is the best of the three so I will be adding it to my wardrobe.
28th August 2009
Warm enveloping tuberose, but never cloying. Just tried this one out today at the Bond store and I have to say it is my favorite take on the classic tuberose note. Sweet ambery base notes that never get too sweet. Lasted on my wrist for about 6 hours and there is still a significant trace.
25th July 2009