Harajuku Lovers - Love 
Gwen Stefani (2008)

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Reviews of Harajuku Lovers - Love by Gwen Stefani

There are 4 reviews of Harajuku Lovers - Love by Gwen Stefani.

I'll admit that prior to testing the Harajuku Lovers series, I had little respect for Gwen Stefani fragrances. I was actually surprised when I first tested Love, I didn't expect it to be so unique and addictive.

The scent is soft and sweet. It smells somewhat like musk sticks, but a hell of a lot nicer and smoother on the skin.

The sillage is fantastic. I sprayed a tiny squirt on my left wrist and everywhere I went I felt like I was shrouded in a cloud of this fragrance. Perhaps the sillage is a little too strong because after a few hours I began to feel a little dizzy.

Overall, this is a nice balance between musky and sweet. It doesn't smell childish yet somehow I can't imagine a mature woman wearing Love.

Harajuku Lovers Love, is for the spriteful, energetic and pretty young women that aren't afraid to wear something bold and sugary sweet.

Jun 4, 2011

AWFUL. Like nauseating cough syrup in perfume form.
Apr 23, 2010

starts off kinda tacky with a burst of notes clashing. when love starts to relax, there is a faint fruity presence.creamy jasmine accompanied by a wonderful light musk in which is all on a body odor scent foundation. the scents housing had me thinking no but never judge a book by its cover right.
Aug 4, 2009

These things look trashy and horrendous. This one is a fruity floral.
Oct 7, 2008

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