Happy Diamonds fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Lemon, Orange blossom, Galbanum
  • Heart

    • Rose, Jasmine, Carnation, Ylang ylang, Iris, Tuberose, Heliotrope, Sandalwood
  • Base

    • Amber, Civet, Vanilla, Tonka bean, Benzoin, Cedarwood, Vetiver

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I recently purchased a naked bottle as part of a 'lot'. Fellow Basenoter Chypre kindly identified it (thankyou!) going only by the beautiful gem-shaped, glass-stoppered bottle. The scent was a lovely surprise.

A tiny dab off the pipette gives a little bit of sharpness in the citrus opening but the sweetness of the flowers soon develops into a warm and elegant cloud. It's not overpowering. The base is very pretty. I couldn't single out any given element.

I didn't know what I was wearing but it smelled expensive and a little bit dangerous if you know what I mean. Something I could imagine wearing with my little black dress, Dillinger securely strapped to my thigh, champagne in hand, at an exclusive address. I felt like I had found a treasure.

Here are the fragrance notes (from the web):

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Orange blossom, Fruity notes, Galbanum

Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Carnation, Ylang-ylang, Iris, Tuberose, Heliotrope, Sandalwood

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tonka bean, Benzoin, Cedar, Vetiver, Ambergris, Civet

There is a bit available on eBay. Definitely worth exploring.
14th January 2016
This starts out like Tabu, but lightens quickly into something more elegant, with a burst of freshness at the end of the drydown. Too bad it was discontinued. Unknown to me what the notes are.
28th January 2013

I use to wear this when I was 15. This is af very soft, warm comfort scent. You could compare it the best with Donna Karan Cashmere mist, but then with less fruitnotes. I don't think it's still available though, too bad.
6th December 2006