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Hanae by Keiko Mecheri

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Hanae is a women's perfume launched in 2000 by Keiko Mecheri

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Reviews of Hanae by Keiko Mecheri

There are 4 reviews of Hanae by Keiko Mecheri.

I'm rarely able to find a sweet smell like this that doesn't smell like it's made for a teenager, but Hanae pulls off the sweet, fruity notes with womanly panache. The white flower is like a soft mesh diffusing the sticky, saccharin qualities fruity florals with this many fruit notes often have, instead transforming the yuzu and berry notes into a very adult, very soft and very lasting glow. I would never describe this fragrance as sensual, but it is definitely flirty. This was the first Keiko Mecheri fragrance I tried, and I now think of it as my Mecheri gateway.

All the Keiko Mecheri's I've sniffed seem formulated for the express purpose of never offending anyone. Hanae is fresh and fruity, with a cherry note that ranges from blossoms to Jolly Ranchers. The slight tang of yuzu rescues the florals from too much sweetness. There is absolutely nothing unpleasant here -- not loud, not cloying -- but it doesn't hold my interest either, and after a few hours my boredom starts to edge into irritation. That's when I start to compare it to shampoo and dryer sheets. I like my scents a little dirtier. A fan of relentlessly fresh, clean, floral scents might enjoy this more.

As usual, calchic says it perfectly. Yuzu and white flowers with a sweetness supplied by the wild berries – subtle and translucent – delicacy personified. More floral than citrus, Hanae achieves its sweetness with a very light natural touch. The florals, even though they dominate the yuzu, cannot possibly be overly flowery because the scent is so incredibly diaphanous. Also as calchic says, the musk is the binder…and the drydown musk is even more subtle than the citrus and florals of the top and heart. As light as Hanae is, it has very good longevity. Clean, bright, fresh, translucent, and long lasting – anae casts an exquisite femininity. I believe it may just be the most ethereally transparent fragrance I've experienced. Beautiful.

This is a very round, soft, warm fragrance; it can come off a bit oily at first, which I think comes from both the yuzu and jasmine (which is what the "white flowers" are), but give it a chance as the drydown is beautiful, almost transparent but also lasting. (White musk is also one of the notes and it holds the whole composition together.) It's very feminine and springlike, not overly sweet or florally, fairly fruity but in a graceful, gentle manner. No jello or candy or anything of that sort. Unlike some of the other Keikos (formerly known as Bazaar des Scenteurs), I find this one to be pretty unique and unlike anything else out there. I've gone through two large bottles of the Hanae and could easily wear it every spring.

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