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Hamsa fragrance notes

    • olibanum, sandalwood, palo santo, cognac, mastic, liquidambar, myrrh, citron, oud, apricot

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Latest Reviews of Hamsa

This is a simple but elegant citron-based scent that smells clean, smooth, gentle, and natural. The citrus is nicely balanced with some light woodiness from the palo santo. The opening is an organized amalgamation of resins, probably the mastic. The olibanum and myrrh are not overpowering and just give the wood a slightly resinous tinge.

I can't think of many other fragrances to compare this to. It reminds me of Atelier Cologne's citrus scents, particularly Citron d'Erable, but lighter, drier, and less sweet. It's delicately composed and balanced, although not very complex or deep. The performance is decent and it's versatile enough to wear to casual or formal events, and maybe on some date nights. It would be ideal for cool summer evenings, fall, or spring, but since it has a woody element, I'm not sure how well it will perform in the heat. I'm currently testing it during the winter, but I suspect it will perform better in warmer weather.

At first, I wasn't blown away by this scent, but it's starting to grow on me. It may soon become a full bottle-worthy fragrance.
1st December 2022
A review about Arizona

Like a life smells like warm skin freshly showered in juniper soap.a soothing and realisting aromatic green scent and nothing like the usual synthetic that populates this category.a juniper hit in the opening with strong accents of pine and aromatic herbs.then comes the lush,earthy undergrowth of wildflowers that makes it remarkably wearable.Arizona is a full,lush green forest just after the first spring rain. overall, this is one of the most natural and wearable fragrance like this.nice sillage and longevity.
25th April 2021