Hamptons fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lime blossom
  • Heart

    • jasmine, magnolia
  • Base

    • amber, sandalwood

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A pleasant, if unremarkable, aquatic marine thing. The topnotes are nice - sparkling ozonic lime soda that's generically citrusy in a way that smells like hotel soap. The base is vague, salty marine ambrox, and the heart, from what I can smell, is just a fade between the top and base as opposed to anything specific in its own right.

And I guess that's it. In a way, the minimalism helps. If this were full of metallic lavender or violet leaf, it would be too much like Cool Water and I wouldn't like it, so I'll give Hamptons credit for restraint instead of blasting it for simplicity. That being said, this is clearly meant to be kind of underwhelming, like a background smell that implies "clean" without ever standing out, so it's hard for me to give it more than a neutral...
15th June 2022
This one is definitely reminiscent of Silver Mountain Water. Side-by-Side, there are some differences ... but when I smelled it in isolation, I couldn't stop thinking about the comparison. A redundant offering that isn't quite as good as the Creed in my opinion.
21st March 2022

Nice and fresh citrusy/flowery opening...i see the SMW similarities...but , to echo othere , this is softer , kindler and gentler and more pleasing to overall scent and nose feel...doesn't have that tingly metallic edge...I do like SMW a lot , but so far, i prefer this...nice projection...not a full blown aquatic per se , but i do get a slight effect of cool salt water wafting on a breeze...mid to finish i get a nice layer of musky/ambery/ resiny wood...IMHO worth checking out...
12th August 2019
I *super-love* this fragrance, but rarely wear it. It's very strong and a co-worker said it smells JUST like Earl Grey tea. That same co-worker picked it out EVERY time I wore it. It's full-bottle worthy if you like fragrances like this.
15th December 2017
Smells like some sort of floral cleaner.Not my style.
23rd October 2015
Smells like somebody tried to synthesize Silver Mountain Water and failed. You can definitely smell the similarities, that is for sure. But SMW has a "dirty" smell (which I love) and Hamptons has a nose-blistering sharpness to it, I can't put my finger on it exactly, perhaps a sharper metallic note that just comes off too bold. I really wanted to like this one but it's just a real headache inducer.
8th December 2014
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