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Reviews of Hamdani by Parfums de Marly

A lovely opening with a particulary good mixture of the myrrh and the frankincense. Neither very heavy, nor very ceremonious or medicinal.

Very soon a very strong and clove impression arises, which goes well with the top notes. A sweetish, as if honeyed, develops in the background, but the clove remains dominant.

In the base a papyrus arises that is quite well done, with touches of benzoin mingling with it. Later a strong leather is evident. This is a nice leather, with not much of a gasoline and just a smigeon of a smoky character; it is a fairly smooth leather but with a touch of a tannin edge to it. Towards the end touches of styrax and sandalwood leave their trace in the distance.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and seven hours of longevity in my skin.

This autumnal scent bears the hallmark of producing sone rather original aromas combining myrrh with clove-centred spices and a fairly soft nappa leather in an interesting way, but some if the ingredients never develop satisfactorily to make a significnt contribution. Overall a good creation though. 3.5/5.
Dec 27, 2020

a dark incense leather. great scent dark, perhaps among the best. but the performances disappoint. 7/10
price is really too high.
Nov 24, 2017

this was a blind buy, and for me, turned out to be a good one...very happy with this...kind of a combo of 2 other scents I really like...IMHO...starts out like ELDO Rien with smoke instead of aldehydes....then progresses through the mid and into the drydown to a slightly smoky smell almost like Eau Sauvage Parfum...basically leather/resin/smoke to my nose...starts out kinda fierce but dries down nice and soft...like this a lot...
Jun 4, 2016

animalic leather wood, skanky but not too much, heavy duty performer
Jan 21, 2016

Smells dirty in the top, mostly of a potting soil mix of some sort; Although, it's very interesting.
If you like smelling different from everyone else like I do you would give it a go. I give you warning if your nose and patients aren't ready for a challenge. As it develops you will wonder what the hell is going on; questioning yourself in regards to if you like it or not . Then maybe one to two hours later you may find yourself saying you love it and wanting to pull the trigger on buying a bottle before further research is complete. Well I have sampled/been wearing this for two weeks and in my opinion it is bottle worthy. The dry down is attractive and very much dope; in other words, it makes you come back. Hence, I constantly find myself sniffing enjoying this dirty but yet fresh smell that keeps grabbing my attention making me say got-blankety this is what kings or men with some serious money smell like. You have to give this time to get to its dry down....It's wear the money is! Get it....Wear= Where. Lol. Don't sleep on this fragrance gentlemen, nevertheless, it's not going to be for everyone because it challenges you to be manly bold. Before I sign off it would be similar to Wonderwood by Comme de Garçons (in which I also own);however, in my opinion this is better and Wonderwood is a baadddd boy. Find you a sample and judge for yourself.
Thumbs up here!

Mar 29, 2015

This is an obscure one, from my background, that I received in a sample care package (Thank You Basenoters!).

I'm getting Campho-Phenique at the top, and some other stuff. A Campho-Phenique flanker, of sorts.

I know I'm supposed to give niche time, but come on. The opening has to pass muster.

I give it bonus points for having several notes.
Mar 28, 2015

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