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Halston Z-14 by Halston

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The international roll-out for Halston fragrances in 1976 was masterminded by Michael Edwards, who told Basenotes why Halston chose to launch with two male fragrances:
"Halston couldn't make up his mind which one he preferred so he said, "Launch both". The names, Z-14 and 1-12? Those were the perfumer's code numbers."
Basenotes visitor, Bryian Davis tells us "the bottles were inspired by the soft shapes fingers would make pinching the form, that's where the name 'pinch' bottle came from. "

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Reviews of Halston Z-14 by Halston

There are 127 reviews of Halston Z-14 by Halston.

Ah ha! Now I finally know where they got their inspiration when choosing a scent for those pink urinal cakes.

It actually smells like some essence of an ancient power in some strange way. A real man's frag.a fragrance that deserves a place in the collection of everyone who appreciates the evolution of fragrances and how to make a scent smell uniquethis is a short of humble beauty,an elegant, soft-spoken masculinity that doesn't cry desperately for attention.

The most impressive part of the opening is the herbaceous note of basil and citrus that shifts from the soapy scent of a barbershop, tickled with the dry arrangement coniferous woods is well balanced by the humid earthy aspects of the base with a slight leather touch. Very green. This fragrance also has a cinnamon doughnut vibe - warm,fresh, sweet and flavoured with piquant spice. An interesting, and addictive scent.

Halston Z-14 is a darkly virile herbal fougère (along its run longly bitter/hesperific and darkly mossy a la Ferrè Pontaccio 21 which is a darker and more "acrid/bitter" beast). Virile, powerful and crisply herbal this is a cypress-centered glorious spicy/exotic juice with stout bergamot and mossy patchouli and a softer leathery/mossy/cedary sharper base quite balanced and serious. The powerful opening is focused on citrus, culinary vegetables/weeds and fresh spices which gradually, through a central stiffly spicy-floral (mostly geranium)/rooty/smoky phase, open the doors to a mossier/woodier "forest-stage" with leathery/cedary accents (laced with milder spices) which is well balanced and more restrained. There is a slightly medicinal/rubbery/smoky (but never intrusive) herbal bitterness around. Mild spices (cinnamon and cloves) and aromatic spices (coriander as perfectly connected with the herbal/boisé elements) are masterfully laced eachother and connected with the rest of the woodsy elements. This final phase is rich of earthy patchouli, oakmoss, labdanum, citrus and green/herbal notes, overall well balanced, mossy and restrained (in a classic boisé powerhouse way) but soothed and harmonized by hints of tonka. A complex fragrance with a slightly "powerhouse" crisp soul anyway rich of soothing and civilizing boisé/soapy elements. As for the assumed resemblance with Tom Ford Italian Cypress I'd say Z-14 is more complex in its articulation of spices, leather and woody elements while Italian Cypress smelling more properly minty boisé (and more strictly focused on the main coniferous/aromatic note of cypress) on my skin. As for the assumed resemblance with Valentino Vendetta Pour Homme I definitely prefer the great Vendetta on Z-14. Vendetta is more aldehydic, aristocratic and stronger on leather, lavender, resins and sweet spices while Z-14 is wilder and more focused on the note of cypress, the moss and the aromatic spices (coriander), anyway there is a common moody forest-vibe but Vendetta is more sophisticated and "palatine", less woodsy and more properly baroque, kind of "liquorous" (in a semi-oriental way) and decadent.

To think this won a FiFi Award in it's original form is amazing to me, as I have a spanking new bottle of the current cheapie formulation. 'Big Red' gum would be an improvement as I would love to pick up more cinnamon. I hate to say this but it does have a lemon furniture polish note that didn't bother me as much until 5 wears in but it's front and center. Looking at the notes, it reads like an amazing fragrance. It simply isn't. When I wear this I feel like I cheated on chores as I smell like this and yet my furniture hasn't been dusted. I have a tough time imagining what this 'should' smell like as an award winning version. I like Halston 1-12 in its current iteration just fine, however. Thumbs Down.

Vintage Halston Z-14 (Jeff Gordon Edition) -

Tom Ford's Italian Cypress is discontinued, while it's prototype - Halston Z-14 - lives on! (Sort of...)

Nothing dated here, with an amazingly green opening, which is very bright and not synthetic at all floating over a heart of very well done cinnamon, cedar and geranium.

UNLIKE THE CURRENT VERSION, the Jeff Gordon Edition has oakmoss in the base to anchor Z-14's long list of ingredients together and is thankfully still widely available online for less than $20.

Extremely versatile, Z-14 can be worn year round.

4 stars.

I purchased 3 different Halston Z-14, two are from Ea Frag..one is the Jeff Gordan edtion..the newest formula is horrible , it shouldn't be called Z14 , should be just called Halston 14 or something cause it's nothing like the Jeff Gordan edtion which carries somewhat of the original formula buts it's still good , today I received a 4oz bottle of Halston Z14 from French Fragrance.co ...and I tell ya , it's a beautiful Fragrance , very leathery.very Oakmossy herbal and clean..like chypre/ fourgere ..I have no idea why would they flip this cologne upside down the way EA did , u don't need to over apply with this one or reapply like todays colognes,I did a side by side test with the Jeff Gordan version and the scent holds true to what it once was..the treemoss and oakmoss in it is what holds the smell together but not as potent , not at all, now what I'm wearing now is a powerhouse..very earthy and leathery I wanna say like Aramis Devin Country Cologne , it resembles Halston.some guys still like the new formulation ,when I first sprayed it on I thought for a minute it was the true scent of the past, but no all I get is cinninmon that's it lol like big red chewing gum , there's no lie in the rumors fellas , I don't even know what to do with my new Halston Z-14 bottle I guess for a bathroom freshner..thumbs up for the vintage formula only if u don't have one go hunt one down , there pretty cheap I won mines in auction on eBay for 30$ 4oz bottle new in the box , I don't think halstons come sealed at all..but yes go find a true vintage bottle , Jeff Gordan edtion is good also but not potent like this one

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