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Halston (1975)

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Halston by Halston

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Reviews of Halston by Halston

I along with many women of my generation flocked to buy this fragrance when it first came out on the market. It was lovely.
Oh, my poor Halston, what have they done to you!

I first tried and loved Halston in 1978, and wore it for years. For various reasons, I fell away, and came back this year to discover that the fragrance is absolutely and completely different. It now comes up with a grossly powdery scent straight from the bottle, and cheap and skunky as it dries; the long term base is like some drugstore Coty scent from my youth, which I'm happy not to be able to place. The lovely, woodsy, intimate fragrance I remember and so loved is clearly long gone; in reading, I can see that Halston changed when Elizabeth Arden started distributing it, and their Halston is just nothing like the Halston of Halston's glory days (well, perhaps very slightly -- there is some very, very faint echo of Halston's former wonderful ness in this ghastly odor). Darn.

The photo of the dude on the ad says it best: this is a very "manly" cologne. To me all it says is "old". Too familiar.

I absolutely ADORE the bottle...but the fragrance...oh so sorry to all you Halston lovers out there...there is something in it that makes me so ill! Even the thought of the smell brings back a gnawing nausea in the pit of my stomach... Guess I'm a "cinnamony spicy type of gal..."

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