Halloween Man X 
J del Pozo (2019)

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Reviews of Halloween Man X by J del Pozo

There are 3 reviews of Halloween Man X by J del Pozo.

I tend to smell the lemon and the cardamom right off with this one. Underneath is the leather, coffee, whiskey, tonka, and amber. When I first spray it seems like a bit much, but the dry down gets tons of compliments. It is decidedly sweet, and it smells nice as it fades down. It's a go-to for me as a daily wear. It's very affordable, and smells far more expensive than what you have to pony up to get it. Most people really love the smell, so for me it's an easy choice.
Oct 20, 2021

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo da Vinci.and the above is true for this fragrance.this is definitely in the inexpensive monsters category.a wonderfully orchestrated scent that has exceptionally good,and wholly addictive refreshing.it does not smell cheap or tacky or teen.this has been blended well and if you have the right personality you can rock this one no problem.

The opening is aromatic.the cardamom, lavender and whisky add a nice sweet-spicy touch.then the coffee and leather go well together and both add some depth to the fragrance,the tonka bean is a prominent note,sweet,vanilla-like and spicy;the coffe is also a noticeable note,blond aromatic coffe;the coffe and the tonka bean mix their notes creating a nice delectable accord. totally very simple in the beginning,but slowly declining sweetness,to feel the scent of coffe beans.extremely good gor wearing both day and night.worth a blind buy.for a sweet gourmand fragrance it punches just right in projection and has good longevity.
Oct 13, 2021

Starts off like a modernized Le Male or even Eros. Starting to get roasted coffee in the drydown. An interesting mix of powdery sweetness and that roasted coffee. I only smell the roasted coffee close to the skin while the powdery sweetness lingers in the air. It's like being in a coffee shop while someone with Eros or Le Male walks by.

Okay performance with decent projection and maybe 4-5 hours longevity.
Aug 16, 2020

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