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Reviews of Hacivat by Nishane

There are 13 reviews of Hacivat by Nishane.

Hacivat is a refreshing floral. Fresh out of bath kinds. I get good mix of florals and greens. It's a daily wear for those who can't stand designer scents and can, afford something like this.

It'll readily impress and has a good longevity. Best part is one can smell it on themselves through out the day
Nov 18, 2021

hacivat the pride of turkey
hacivat is a very strong scent don't listen to poeple that say that its an aventus clone. because its not. hacivat opens with heavy pineapple that stay for a decent amount transitioning into woods and oakmoss this is a real man scent. this is not for kids or beginners in the fragrance game. even tho for me i loved it from the start it smellss very good and perfoms beastly but i can understand that this fragrance might be too man for some people you kinda have to be an alpha to wear this fragrance.
Oct 8, 2021

Sometimes natural materials or synthetic materials alone cannot dictate price; nor can concentration or performance, as what makes or breaks the value of a perfume is nebulous at best, and the general consensus of perfume buyers at the level required to sell something like Nishane Hacivat (2017) can be a fickle bitch at best. So it goes that Hacivat entered the market and immediately drew fire for smelling anything even remotely similar to the king of men's perfume known as Creed Aventus (2010), since the general FragBro mindset is anything bearing a passing similarity to anything else is an intentional pretender to its fame or glory. Applying the shallow validation-seeking, backstabbing, fame-obsessed sociopathy of one's own social motivations in the online "grindset" of the dog-eat-dog social media steeplechase to those of a perfume brand is a very peculiar type of personification or anthropomorphism, but I'm not here to be an armchair online social psychologist, just someone who reviews perfume. In any case, you'll be delighted to know that all the cackling hyenas of the online fragrance community are wrong, as this is not a Creed Aventus clone (especially at these prices). What this is on the other hand, may be a bit harder or easier to stomach, depending on how you feel about modern niche perfume overall. There's no mistaking this is meant to be a modern mass-appeal fragrance with a luxury spin, and inferences to Aventus among other big hits in this realm are present, plus a few nods to designer fare as well. Everything here is amped to extrait de parfum strength too, so the stinging price points may not be so terrible when you take into account how much you'll need to use per application.

Hacivat is at its core a modern woody-amber men's fragrance, built upon a tried-and-true citrus fruity chypre opening involving pineapple to a small degree (but nowhere like Aventus), then falling into the usual heart note tropes of things like Mancera Cedrat Boise (2011) or Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche (2008). The base is where things may get a little shaky for vintage zealots or artisanal hipsters that demand everything be anchored in oakmoss, sandalwood, oud, or the stink of some animal's rear end, and that's because Nishane goes full Parfums de Marly mode and lays on the aromachemicals heavy. Perfumer Jorge Lee knows what he is doing though, and blends a mix of isolates from natural materials with out-and-out synthetics to blur the lines, but you've got to wait this one to the dry down to really know that. Pineapple and grapefruit set this up, being a bit sweet and cloying at first. Clearly there is more vanilla in Hacivat than any Aventus clone, but the bergamot and jasmine hedione catch up to the rest and even it out. The heart is the usual creamy musky citrus fruity mush you get in Cedrat Boise and the aforementioned Allure flanker, then patchouli isolates like clearwood show up to add dry thickness plus something sour. I'm thinking this sourness is an unlisted cypriol note, because Turkey is still adjacent to the Middle East and notes like that are hugely popular in that region (alongside ambers, ouds, and the like). The rest of the show is everyl for the mossiness, then a one-two punch of timberol and ambroxan. I'm glad this is the older timberol and not the newer, more potent norlimbanol, or we'd all be choking at this concentration. Best use is casual dates or day recreation in temperate times of the year, but this is too sweet for an office.

Longevity is until you wash it off, and projection is not even needing discussion, although bits of the scratchiness associated with these types of woody-amber compositions are evident even without the use of second-generation molecules like ambrocenide and the like. Overall, Hacivat smells more like a hybrid of the Aventus school of thought, and the Dior Sauvage (2015) school of thought, so it has parts of the blended smoothness you expect from expensive mass-appeal fragrances, but also parts of the chemical punch you expect from super extroverted designers in the same headspace. The story of Hacivat is a little more fluffy than the fragrance really comes across to my nose, with the name being a shortened form of "Hacı İvaz" or "Ivaz the Pilgrim" in Turkish. In case you were unaware, Nishane is basically Turkey's answer to Amouage, blending national cultural history with Western perfume styles and expensive presentations. Owners Mert Güzel and Murat Katran designed Hacivat as part of a thematic trilogy called "The Shadow Play", and the other two fragrances along with this one complete a story that traditionally is told with shadow puppets in Turkey. That's all fine and well, but for $250 for 50ml (or $350 for 100ml) does it get muh compliments bruh? Yeah, I guess it does, but Hacivat is also less versatile than Aventus and because it has that extra sweetness/sourness combined with that bigger woody-amber punch, so it's really more for the guys into radiating 500 feet of projection like glowing fuel rods screaming for attention from strangers. Despite all that, I like Hacivat, and at a discount could see it in my collection for nights out on the town when I want to make a block-long trail of scent. Thumbs up
Aug 6, 2021

Hacivat by Nishane has such beautiful vibrant, crisp pineapple and citrusy notes in the opening, which are welded together using woody accords that smoothly arise through the dry down. The pineapple note is indeed prominent, and feels very natural to my nose. Hacivat is fruity, but it never steps into sweetness territory, thanks to those woody accords and oakmoss note that eventually give it of an earthy twist.

The middle notes, to my nose, remain very subtle. Nevertheless, they do provide a bit of depth in a scent that is truly driven by its main pineapple note, and everything just blends together flawlessly.

This is a long-lasting beast, and it projects quite a lot, as this is extrait de parfum. This will last all day! I love this scent and I can guarantee that I will purchase a 100 ml bottle in the near future.

With Hacivat being such a bright scent, I don't think it would be well suited for Canadian winters. I would say this is probably best worn during the day. Preferably warm, sunny days too.

Fantastic fragrance!
May 11, 2021

I don't see the comparison to Aventus, this is a different animal, much more modern and not afraid to take advantage of modern aroma chemicals like ambroxin. It is as much about grapefruit in the opening as it is pineapple, the grapefruit gives it a slightly scratchy feel that can confuse the wearer into thinking it's cheap, in reality Hacivat is a projection monster that is boosted by grapefruit and dry woods (the strongest Aventus batches always have a healthy amount of woods), I really enjoy the streak of oakmoss running through Hacivat that gives it a green masculine maturity to offset the playful opening. I don't find Hacivat overly sweet as some reviewer's claim, in fact I find it perfectly balanced with enough woods and astringency to offset any sweetness, overall I think Hacivat is fantastic attention grabbing night out fragrance.
Oct 26, 2020

The opening smells more like a cheap clone than actual Aventus. There is a synthetic, cloying, sourness that reminds me of much cheaper scents. The drydown feels like somewhere between Cedrat Boise and Unpredictable Adventure. I was expecting something much more fruity and sweet but it was more dry, woody and bitter. It's not terrible and is very pleasant and versatile but this is not the best alternative to Aventus and definitely feels cheaper than the asking price.

Not a projection beast on my skin but does get all day longevity.
Apr 30, 2020

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