Hacivat fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Bergamot, Pineapple, Grapefruit
  • Heart

    • Jasmine, Patchouli, Cedarwood
  • Base

    • Clearwood, Oakmoss, Dry timberwood

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This is a fantastic fragrance. I get an initial burst of pineapple and maybe bergamot then an eventual dry down to some dry woods. I can see this being worn year round. This hangs around for a about 12 hours on my skin; if applied to my clothes still smelling it the next day. Yeah, I do wear it for compliments…it doesn’t disappoint.
20th July 2023
Spray this on..... I get a very strong sharp citrus but I do get the hint of mossy oak moss that after an hour becomes more dominant.
So this opens up more citrus fresh with a hint of woody moss, but then that combo switches to a very earthy woody mossy with hints of sweet citrus.
Lovely and long lasting.

Overall 8- 10
Longevity 8- 10
Silage 8.7- 10
30th March 2023

Hugely powerful blast of jasmine and pineapple/grapefruit up front - and for me, the jasmine overpowers the rest by a longshot. Hard not to scrunch my nose and face all up when I smell this upon initial application. A lot of people compare that initial blast to Creed Aventus. But the drydown is where Hacivat separates itself from Aventus.

This is a wonderful house. Nishane put out one of my favorite fragrances of all-time, Ani, a vanilla masterpiece, so my expectations were high for Hacivat, and in terms of power, longevity and sillage, I'm not disappointed at all. Nishane uses natural (and natural-smelling) components, and the fact that these are extraits means they're going to last, and last, and last (and last and last and last.) In terms of fragrance, however, I'm not so sure about Hacivat. It's hard for me personally to get past that jasmine bomb, I only barely get the citruses as a result. But the drydown is quite nice, as this becomes a bright, clean, 'masculine' smell. The jasmine almost never lets go. I'd say it's the actual heart of this beast. But in the later stages of this fragrance (and again, it lasts a really, really long time,) when other notes like patchouli and cedar are allowed to come through, Hacivat finally hits the right chord with me.

I'd suggest this one for when you really, truly want to get people's attention. I understand it's a compliment magnet (perhaps even moreso than Aventus itself,) and it could be the right thing if you're a bit concerned everyone smells like Aventus these days, and if you have a lot of money to throw around.

For me, it's hard getting through that initial blast of jasmine that goes on and on until the drydown really gets going. At that point, this becomes a hit with me. So I've got to give this a rating in the middle, because I really don't like that much jasmine for so long. By the way, that's the "screechiness" or "bitterness" or "sour note" so many people in these reviews keep wondering about. Had this fragrance been softened a bit with sugar or amber or vanilla, or something, it could well be among my favorites, right up there with Ani. As it stands, it's a beastmode performer that for me starts really rough and eventually becomes a solid, pleasant scent. Just takes a little too long for it to get there for my liking.
28th April 2022
The opening is delightful; cool, crisp, tangy and rich jasmine floral. Although it shares the same distinct pineapple with Aventus, it's sweeter and "juicier". It settles into the solid floral notes of jasmine and patchouli evoking tropical island, which although not super masculine, remain fresh and appealing. Definitely more summery, this could be day-wear, work-wear (in small amounts, the sillage seems very wide roaming), or party wear. I can see it being a signature scent for some men in their 30s, married or single. People WILL know when you're wearing it, friends and strangers alike.
26th March 2022
This fragrance has a sharp and citrusy-pineapple scent that's reminiscent of Aventus, but with a more acidic twist. It may not immediately impress you, but it grows on you over time. The sourness may not appeal to everyone, so it's worth sampling first.

Personally, I prefer Cedrat Boise for its fruity sweetness, but this fragrance has better longevity and is suitable for daytime wear or outdoor activities. It's not my first choice for formal occasions, as it feels too fresh and invigorating. The drydown is less sour and more reminiscent of Aventus than Cedrat Boise.

If you have the budget for this fragrance, it's worth trying. However, if you're willing to spend that much money, why not just go for Aventus instead of settling for a close clone?
8th March 2022
Nishane – Hacivat

Don’t be fooled by the esoteric notes of “Clearwood” and “Timberwood.” Read, “loud, raw oud.” Hacivat is nothing but pineapple and oud. I loathe oud, so this is a scrubber for me.

My husband terms it “oud, rotting flowers – a mess – unctuously sweet and acid. A bad attempt by a child playing with notes – let’s make a chemical scent.” Definitely a thumbs down.
4th December 2021
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