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Latest Reviews of Habit Rouge Rouge Privé

What hits me at first is how dated the original feels next to this, it's still well made but the materials themselves show signs of age.

Rouge Prive follows the same path but uses a modern leather and loses the dusty stuffiness that I found off-putting in the original. The spirit of Habit Rouge remains in an altered, recognisable, yet thoroughly modernised fragrance. I'm even able to wear this in warmer weather when I'd find HR stifling.

Rouge Prive has a thick, bold presence that makes it lean more towards HR EDP but it lands between the EDT and EDP in wearability, striking the perfect balance of deepening the scent profile whilst remaining diffusive in the air.

It's also more brazenly a leather scent throughout whereas HR was leather prominent only in moments.

Dare I say it, this has replaced Habit Rouge for me and the timing couldn't be better as I was starting to wear HR less often. This has reinvigorated my love of the scent profile I've enjoyed for so long. The best example of hearing the same song by another composer, it reminds me of the original yet moves me in a new way.

Bravo Delphine Jelk.
23rd May 2023