Habanita l'Esprit 
Molinard (2013)

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Habanita l'Esprit by Molinard

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Habanita l'Esprit is a women's perfume launched in 2013 by Molinard

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Reviews of Habanita l'Esprit by Molinard

There are 3 reviews of Habanita l'Esprit by Molinard.

Quite a success, actually. Sometimes the atomic tobacco-spice-amber-boudoir-powder bomb that is Habanita is too much in summer, and that is where L'Esprit comes in. Too often, these lightened takes on classics are disappointments or stray a little too far away from the classic accord, but not this one. It's like Habanita but transparent, and freshened, with just a sneaky little hit of modern musk to hold the spice and tobacco accord together.

Definitely worth a purchase if you love the original, and either don't like it in summer/daytime/office, or find it a little too vintage for your personal style. This somehow splits the difference, and does justice to the grand diva that Molinard has kept in production for about a century–one of the few perfumes that can give Lady Shalimar a run for her money, in both their original forms and lightened flankers. Very nice work. Four stars from me, and two tastefully rose gold flecked thumbs up.

One of my favorites. This is for me the perfume of clean skin. It makes me feel sexy as I were walking around with a lot of skin exposed. It makes me feel comfortable for that unique sense of purity that a white formula can give. It makes me feel me. A pity the longevity is so poor.

I have always been in love with Habanita. This version is just as lovely. I cannot say it is truly a "lighter" version. It isn't even just a "spirit" of Habanita. It is just a tad less rich. It still has that remarkable, one of a kind quality. The beginning phase is surely all musk, labdanum, benzoin, nutmeg, and patchouli. After settling, the heliotrope and mimosa give their lady-like qualities. This version does not disappoint.

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