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H24 is the first perfume expressing the contemporary man as seen by Hermès.  A lively, sensual and bright perfume, stemming from the daring blend between nature and technology.

H24 fragrance notes

    • clary sage, narcissus, rosewood, sclarene

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I have to commend Hermes for releasing something outside the typical, garish style currently in trend with men's fragrances (and has been for far too long.) Sadly, the lovely green accord is ruined for me by a blaring woody amber that feels like someone is stabbing you in the eye. Too bad.
15th December 2022
This fragrance starts off with a fruity note reminiscent of some of the fragrances from the Hermes Jardin line, but the metallic woodiness soon takes over and dominates the scent. The drydown is unremarkable and feels like it's trying to appeal to mainstream tastes with its ambroxan elements.

While the opening is interesting, the drydown is boring and unappealing to me. However, the sillage is good, so I wouldn't mind smelling this on others. Overall, I would pass on this fragrance.
12th March 2022

I don’t yet know if H24 is excellent, but like most everything from Hermes it is truly very good. It comes off immediately as a very hip green scent to me. And as others have mentioned, it relies on a heady use of aroma chemicals to work its magic. The top citrus notes are more astringent and less orangey than TdH—maybe that’s the sage as well—and I like the hint of pear. And the drydown (what there is of it on me) is both interesting and enticing. I like the metal laundry thing—to a point. However, H24 is so post-modern that it makes other metallic scents like TdH or Chrome seem a hundred years old. And I think I’m just more comfortable with way those scents sit on my skin. But H24 has its strengths as well—it’s fresh, fun, and attractive—others like the way it smells. And it’s got that cool edginess. At times I love it and at other times, like with Sauvage, I like it way more on others than myself. But then again, maybe I just haven’t caught up yet with its metro futurism. Who knows? Old dogs, new tricks.
31st January 2022
A bright opening blast, characterised by a herbal tone - clary sage and whiffs of rosemary. This herbal-green start soon develops a metallic and steely character, with a slightly marine undertone - the sclarene probably. Fresh laundry impressions come and go.

Later on floral moments are evident - mainly narcissus with whiffs of hyacinth on me, but after while a chemical laboratory sweetness becomes dominant that is a bit on the dull side.

Towards the end a woodsy component develops, which maintains the metal note and is meant to be a rosewood, but it is more nonspecific on me, and feels a bit sharp.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection, and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

The first phases of this summery creation are quite original in their successive development of herbal, metallic and floral notes. Until now a good product. Then it turns increasingly petrochemical in a way that is very deja-vu and reproduced hundredS of times. The epitome of this deterioration is the woodsy impression with its sharp feel that is eerily similar to the many fake laboratory ouds that are pullulating on the shelves of the perfume sections in supermarkets at the moment. White quite all right as a scent initially, overall this results in a neutral score. 2.75/5
23rd January 2022
really fantastic. Lasts all day. I'd say it is low medium opacity. Ideal type performance. The scent is a clean zingy green type. It smells like heated metal, like an iron. It is clean and vivid, and persistent. It is not a fading brief allusion. I will be wearinga decent amount of this.
23rd December 2021
It is a brilliant fragrance. It is absolutely outside of the bubble of a 1000 others that somehow smell all the same a.k.a boring. My first fragrance experience reaches back to the early 1980s, to Hermes D'orange Verte. Then came Armani Pour Homme, Drakkar Noir, Kouros, Rockford by Rockford Original, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. All in the original release. All these later got messed up, killed by horrid reformulation or discontinuation. H24 has that old school quality. It is unapologetic, superbly original, strong, and most importantly it follows no trend. I think it is so ahead of its time that most people do not understand it yet. I would bet on that many years from now this fragrance will become a legend, in it original release formulation of course.
22nd November 2021
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