Reviews of Gypsy Water by Byredo

I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I picked it up for my husband, as testing it quickly in the store my nose read "juniper, cardamom, woody, male." But when he tried it, he asked "are you sure this is for men?" - which seemed a good excuse to nab it for myself. I've been wearing it now and I think it definitely can go either way, but it is a bit sweet and powdery, which is probably what he objected to. The opening is citrus and juniper, and then for hours it's a sort of lightly spiced crème brulée, drying down to soft powdery/musky woods, which goes on and on and on. This bit reminds me of the Body Shop's old Mostly Musk. It almost verges on cloying as it never really disappears - excellent lasting power, but at whisper level - and it's very diffusive. You can smell it around you, whereas when you put your nose to your skin it's seemingly no longer there. I find myself reaching for it a lot, as it's a warm and comfortable every day fragrance.
2nd August 2009
Hyped up new rebel type perfumer. Top notes are gone in a flash -- what a waste using juniper so early. It's then basically a vanilla fragrance with the ever present sandalwood holding it up (not really pushing the boundaries here). It's not unpleasant, but the sillage is abysmal -- I mean for 80 odd pounds (a rip) I would expect to smell it occasionally. Would probably suit a woman better -- I don't think it's unisex anyway. It should have been called Vanille Light, but hey Gypsy Water sounds cool.
13th March 2009

Interesting to see the varied reactions (and emergent fragrance profiles).This was a disappointment to me. The top and mid-note elements had promise: juniper, pepper, pine, incense. I applied it, and POOF – immediate amber/vanilla. And that was pretty much it. The basenotes were there from the get-go. If I used all my powers of discernment, I can imagine very faint pepper and pine, but you really have to go searching. I'm not a fan of amber and vanilla, they are Ok as a slight feature at the end but they are not what I seek in a fragrance. So, I can't endorse this one. It fails to live up to its potential.
11th September 2008
Its amazing how fragranc is like a fingerprint with each chemistry different. I like this one. it starts out with a the aroma of lemon curd and then is lovely slightly spicy gourmand.i don't get the conection to the name, but I think its a lovely scent
26th July 2008