Guess Seductive Homme 
Guess (2011)

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Guess Seductive Homme by Guess

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Guess Seductive Homme is a men's fragrance launched in 2011 by Guess

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Reviews of Guess Seductive Homme by Guess

There are 14 reviews of Guess Seductive Homme by Guess.

There is a lovely warmth in the heart of this where the violet, pepper, and the cardamom are like an umbrella, with the orchid and orange-amber lounging beneath. The mixtures are strangely arranged and this is so close to being sublime that I enjoy wearing it for the surprise moments when the notes form together, like catching an occasional glimpse of a beautiful woman at a distance in a busy marketplace. Overall it is enjoyable and I will buy it again.

Good thing it's cheap, generic and lasts maybe half an hour.

Non-offensive, safe smell for everyday wear. Not strong enough for cold weather so use in warm weather. Wife said it smelled "very clean" this morning. I get sweet and fresh at first then dries down to some spices. Still hanging on at the end of the workday but not much projection from start to finish.

Sweet, generic, and forgettable.

There's too many fragrances too similar to this. Guess Suede, Usher, CK Euphoria, Daddy Yankee, to name a few. I prefer Daddy Yankee the best because it doesn't have this synthetic suede note. Not to say Guess Seductive is a bad fragrance, more boring than anything, with better choices out there. I gave my bottle away, because I already have Daddy Yankee, which is a wonderful scent.

Guess Seductive Homme has a very sweet first hour or so and dries down to something smooth and spicy. All in All a solid seductive fragrance by the Guess House, although it seems to give myself and others around me headaches from time to time

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