Guess Seductive Homme Blue 
Guess (2012)

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Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

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Guess Seductive Homme Blue is a men's fragrance launched in 2012 by Guess

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Reviews of Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess

There are 8 reviews of Guess Seductive Homme Blue by Guess.

I agree with The_Cologneist, the cardamom hints at a scent that reminds me of La Nuit, but fresher, more powdery (like Touch), and with far less spice. It's like daytime La Nuit.

Nothing wrong with the smell but the performance is poor. Projection is average for the first hour and then gets very soft, only lasting 3-4 hours for me.

Purchased because I enjoyed Seductive Homme so much. There are several pleasant notes in the construction of the blue, but there is something at the top that is heavily acidic and bitter that gives off a "bug spray" layer that hangs over the pleasant blue notes and won't go away. Curious as to what causes that, but it offsets what could have been very nice.

I own both Nautica Voyage and Cool Water and can say that this fragrance does more than just hold it's own. It had a smooth yet punchy scent that almost seem to have a sweet tobacco smell to it in the dry down.

If you want something different from all the other aquatic fragrances on the market then, please give this a try. The price point allows you to take a chance without a major financial commitment.

It is different enough to get you a few compliments while you go through your day. It does not last very long however, the price point give you the opportunity to reapply when needed as replacing your bottle is very cheap to do.

For $25.00 you will be better off purchasing Nautica Voyage or Cool Water. Very generic smell that leaves you wondering why you purchased it. IT SMELLS NOTHING LIKE EUPHORIA FOR MEN BY CK. I will be giving this to my son who is 8 to do a science experiment with.

a regular in the sea of many similar In the spirit of Lacoste Blue, Cerruti Pour Homme, Chopard Pour Homme and Joop! Jump. I might have had better opinion, hypothetically, in case of not trying former mentioned. However, the market is saturated with spicy-woody-aromatic fragrances already to a point that this one doesn't stand out whatsoever. Longevity is ok, drydown is rather spicy but dull. A fragrance altogether is not that bad and characterless but it has absolutely nothing to offer to a person that has already developed some taste based on experience. It is a nice try though, and it's not expensive, thus it might be a good investment for a beginner who needs something casual and for the office. Pros: spicy, longevity, not overpowering, decentCons: originality"

Aside from Guess Marciano, I haven't found anything appealing from this house. They tend to go overboard with synthetic smelling aromachemicals.

Seductive Blue however is well done. Very reminiscent of La Nuit and Burberry Touch, only lighter, and more fitting for warmer climate. Longevity and projection are both pretty poor though.

This is basically the poor man's La Nuit.

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