Guerlain Homme Intense fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mint, rhubarb leaf, rum
  • Heart

    • geranium
  • Base

    • patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver

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The opening mix with its fruity rhubarb leaf impression, the mint and the moderately boozy rum my conjure up memories of mojitos, although on me the mint is not outstandingly fresh and more incorporated into the whole. Touches of citrus come and go.

The drydown switches to a floral phase temporarily, with geranium and whiffs of oleander making an appearance, but the boozy notes is still present; as a matter of fact I get the latter right up to the end.

The base adds a discreetly glowing vetiver, with is lacking any earthiness. A smooth and soft patchouli, at times with hints of gentle spiciness, is also present, and merges with the ever present boozy component, which now has some bubblegum characteristics at times. For a while, I get a distinctly balsamic undertone with even some whiffs of the occasional camphor. In the background I get a cedarwood, which can be rather nonspecific at times.

I got moderate sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a pleasant scent for warmer autumn days, which is carried mainly by the rum note. Its drawback is the somewhat generic character of many of its ingredients. Just missing the mark a bit. Overall 2.75/5.
29th January 2020
I do get that mojito thing, but it is a bit bubblegum fruity, or sweetened. Smells good and current, but just not greatness. I feel no need to own this.
6th July 2019

I wore homme intense to a Joe bonnamassa concert in Toronto 2018

4 sprays

The basenotes are Devine and very rewarding

The people around me where more into my scent bubble than the music...

Just kidding

This guerlain edp pour homme

Kicks base...

Kudos to wasser .
23rd November 2018
It 's a Masterpiece of modern scient. Moijto and rhubarb ,wonderful.

Edit 3/9/2019 Discontinued
5th August 2018
Head of a Man by Francis Bacon 1960
1st August 2018
Lime and mint with spices, good quality ingredients and created in a way that shows great care and intelligence (like so many guerlain's). The blend is in perfect harmony, with all the fragrance notes sharing the same stage equally and not trying to shout above each other. You get a feeling like your in the kitchen making lime and rum based cocktails with music and spicey food cooking in the distance. My only qualm is the performance, after an hour it's difficult to detect, I could get two decent hours at a push after a shower and shave and spraying my clothes. A fantastic fragrance that frustrates me, I really enjoy wearing this but it disappears too quickly.

UPDATE the longivity is perfectly fine , especially after a shave ..I get 4hrs of projection, this fragrance really comes into its own in the summer.
14th February 2018
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