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Gucci Oud is a shared scent launched in 2014 by Gucci

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Reviews of Gucci Oud by Gucci

There are 6 reviews of Gucci Oud by Gucci.

Referring to first batches from 2014

Not at all creative nor innovative for a perfume, but let me tell you something.

Next to Gucci PH II, it's the only Gucci that smells natural, without, more or less pronounced, synthetic accord. The rose here is really beautiful. Until I've sniffed this fragrance, I thought the best rose in the mainstream genre is Cartier Declaration d'Un Soir. But the thing with d'Un Soir is that rose presented there is kinda' to jammy for my taste. This smells like plenty, thousands, millions of rose petals cascading from the air. And I mean it. Ok, we have a jammy moment here - right after it's sprayed on the skin, you can feel the jammy raspberry. But after 15 minutes it's gone.Luckilly, it's not too oudy when it dries down, the oud here is like a woody backbone to the whole fragrance.

Longevity is solid, over 10 hours on my skin, projection is rather moderate.

It should be cheaper though, it doesn't deserve the niche pricing.

Synthetic woods with a rose and saffron background. In the vein of Polo Supreme Oud. Decent, but they could have done better. 7.5/10

A well done fragrance. Many layers, at once loveable and well balanced. You don't have to hunt for the oud, as you can smell the entire composition from top to bottom at first sniff.
What caught my attention immediately is the presence of a forgotten Gucci classic: Gucci L'Arte, a dirty dark dank rose that exudes artistic beauty. The fact that Gucci included L'Arte shows that there was thought and artistry going on here, rather than a "everyone else is doing oud, so let's rush out a version".

Unisex only if uomo likes florals, otherwise solo ragazzas e donnas.

Oud or agrawood from the heartwood of this rare and prestigious tree comes the warm vibrnat fragrance that is Gucci Oud. It is a composition containing the oldest eastern ingredients blended with other western ingredients resulting in a beautiful unisex scent but in a deliciously feminine way. The scent reminds me of several other perfumes especially Aoud Queen Roses but this is actually sublime. Gorgeous, luxurious, chic, sweet, sensuous, glamorous, tempting, luscious and sultry in a eye catching bottle.

Top notes of mischievous raspberry, crispy pear and warm saffron evoke mesmerizing desire. At the heart of the perfume are feminine facets of orange blossom and the opulent rose. In the dry down oud, patchouli, amber and musk soften the intensity making the scent a interesting oriental experience. Oud is really prominent here, then rose, then a touch of saffron. The oud here is not heavily in presence, it blends very well with them. The scent is much better on a woman as the beginning is too feminine. For a woman ready to use all means to seduce in special evenings.

Decided to stop off at Bloomingdales to hunt down & sniff Gucci's latest creation "Gucci Oud". It's well put together with many subtle notes of raspberry, saffron, rose, orange notes, white floral lilly-like with a synthethic musk-amber-oud hiding in the background. Yep, you guessed it; synthesized artificial "oud-amber-musk". After applying a single-squeeze on my inner wrist (no rubbing it in) it last for about 5hours which isn't bad for the price. It's not a horrible fragrance, although if you're a guy with thoughts of getting Gucci Oud blindly without smelling; the notes are a bit fruity, floral and presents synthethic oud/musk/Amber as mentioned. Not worth retail price which was $135 for 2.5oz/75mL EDT. However it is made in a 1.7oz/50mL EDP for $110, but I doubt the overall notes would change. It's not bad, not horrible, but in my opinion this would fit best on a lady for a movie/dinner/office/fall/spring/winter.

Tried this today and was very pleasantly surprised. A powdery, light oud, Very smooth and classy. An evening wear tuxedo, type scent. The longevity with the oud is only 3-4 hours and then it becomes a mostly powdery skin scent. Still nice, but a reapplication might be necessary.

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