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Gucci No. 3 by Gucci

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Gucci No. 3 is a women's perfume launched in 1985 by Gucci

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Reviews of Gucci No. 3 by Gucci

There are 20 reviews of Gucci No. 3 by Gucci.

A rosy chypre with a dark green underside, Gucci 3 is torn between soirée and forêt:
evening gown & heels, or wax jacket & wellies...
While it struggles to find a different angle on what Givenchy 3 did in 1970 the indecision gets more and more unsettling.

Like taking a forest walk one late spring afternoon, when the sun shines through the canopy of trees, the fallen leaves are dry on the mossy forest floor, delicate scent of passionate tuberose lingering in the warm are quiet and reflective, absorbing the sheer beauty of the surrounds...the rustling of leaves, the chirping of walk alone...feeling safe, as if the angels have you under their wings... It is very much a classic scent in that is won't ever be out of fashion. I do find the scent pretty and possessing an admirable restraint, especially as it dries down more and more, revealing it's deeper notes which contrast with it's trendy beginnings which were clearly there do turn the heads of 80s consumers and capitalize on a popular fragrance accord trend.

Comforting, mood elevating, grounding and sexy. For me, Gucci No. 3 epitomizes the classic chypre in an entirely different way. I love the aldehydes combined with the citrus-green-coriander opening. This one will most certainly wake you up! There may be a hint of hyacinth in there, but it's very much imposed upon by the shimmering green-life force of the top notes. I get warm and earthy floral notes throughout the heart, but on my skin, this is a very brief phase. No specific floral note seems easily identifiable, expect... maybe the tuberose and narcisus. The base emerges quickly just add the leather and oakmoss. A bit of dry and earthy leather, but not as dry as Cabochard. There is a divinity and untouchable simplicity to how absolutely right Gucci No. 3 is when used very sparingly: hour's of style and mystery.

It's getting cooler and I have rummaged through my older collection. I haven't touched Gucci No 3 since the 90s, but it has matured nicely. It is a sweet, earthy, leather scent with just the right amount of floral, spice, and salty for me. The patchouli and coriander still hold nicely in this older bottle. The aldehydes do give a slight citrus off note, but it disappears quickly.

I don't recall my first impression when I received it as a gift, other than it was too serious, too mature for me at the time (even though Chanel no. 19 was not, go figure).

I find this to be a beautiful perfume, a perfect blend of floral, green notes and oak moss. I love chypre perfumes. To me they are elegant and sophisticated. Like Private Collection and Knowing wearing Gucci 3 is a walk along the river in the Fall. Moist leaves cover the ground. Willows, ferns and moss emit their special fragrance. It's earthy, it's clean, it's real and it's lovely.

A fresh-floral blast, consisting of aldehyde/drenched green notions with bergamot, jasmine and a gorgeous muguet, captivate me is its brightish beauty, just delicious. After the first opening blast starts wearing off, a gently spicy coriander adds depth and a touch of counterbalance ltonthe floral-aldehyde onslaught of the beginning.

The drydown adds a host of other floral participants, with a lovely, slightly sombre-ish rose, and a darker, velvety tuberose that lacks any significant waxiness or heaviness. While the floral side is represented by a lovely narcissus, this is mixed with a pleasantly contrasting orris impression, which actually starts to arise in the second half of the top notes, but which now truly makes its mark.

The base adds minimally sweetish leathery impression, with hints of a soft mossy undertone and a good brushstroke of amber applied to the whole combination.

The perfomance is impressive indeed, with moderate sillage, excellent projection and a magnificent thirteen hours of longevity on my skin.

This gorgeous scent for warmer spring days or cooler summer climes is a real beauty - a balanced and rather classic concept, beautifully blended of high-quality ingredients and performing very well.
Whilst the base is less vivid and a bit less enticing than the top and heart notes, this is without doubt the epitome of a great floral chypre, and indubitably one of Gucci's finest floral-centred creations. 3.75/5.

I can't quite bring myself to love this one, but my queasiness has more to do with my feelings towards green chypres than Gucci No. 3 itself. It's funny, but when I started off my perfume journey, before I truly knew my own taste, I thought that green chypres and icy green florals were my thing. It's funny, the presumptions you make about your own taste. Anyway, several (expensive) bottles of vintage green chypres later, including Gucci No. 3, I have come to realize that I have to physically brace myself before putting them on. Almost like I have to steel my girders for the green froideur and general up-tight-edness that I know is coming my way. I find no love in green chypres, sorry.

Now, rose chypres, I do love. I find the pairing of rose, moss, and patchouli to be rather sensual, not to mention infinite in their arranging within the chypre genre. But Gucci No. 3 is far more of a green chypre to me than a rose chypre. I can identify the rose in the heart notes, but it's about as much the star player in this as the rose in Chanel No. 19 EDT. The opening is all hissy green and fingernails-on-the-blackboard, which actually brings it quite close in feel to the poisonous nail polish remover sting of Chanel No. 19 EDT. Gucci No. 3 is at once more herbal and aromatic, though, thanks to coriander seeds. The heart is very soft, however, and is a more sensual mix of rose, tuberose, lily-of-the-valley, and earthy narcissus. There is a gentle, almost powdery pink rose at the core, which, once you spot it you will never miss again. I find the rose and narcissus mixture to be quite close in feel to the heart of Chamade (although Chamade has an oily, yellow-green feel). The drydown, to me at least, is all about the leather and oakmoss, with that slightly saline feel of real moss. Sillage and longevity are about equivalent to Givenchy III, another green chypre, which is to say, relatively weak - about four hours and then it drops to a mere whisper on the skin.

What I miss in Gucci No. 3 is human sensuality and warmth. I know that this is too much to ask of a green chypre normally, but, hey, this is Gucci and I was expecting some Italian warmth and good cheer. It is rather austere, in fact. I had read somewhere that Gucci re-tooled the template for Gucci No. 3 and came up with a nineties equivalent in L'Arte di Gucci, but to my nose, these scents are worlds apart. L'Arte is truly about the rose, and is darkly sensual - sexual almost. Gucci No. 3 seems not at all like L'Arte's mother, but rather its rather spinsterish maiden aunt. I am giving this a neutral, though, because Gucci No. 3 is very well-made, but it just so happens not to be my personal cup of tea. For those of you who like the vintage No. 19 EDT, Chamade, even Givenchy III, you will probably adore Gucci No. 3 (if you can still find it at an affordable price).

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