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Gucci (2019)

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Gucci Guilty pour Homme Cologne by Gucci

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Gucci Guilty pour Homme Cologne is a men's fragrance launched in 2019 by Gucci

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Reviews of Gucci Guilty pour Homme Cologne by Gucci

There are 10 reviews of Gucci Guilty pour Homme Cologne by Gucci.

Not usually a fan of Gucci fragrances but this is a winner IMO. Slight medicinal green juice with a nice dry down of musk and cedar. I really like it just wish it lasted way longer on my skin (4 hours max). For the price and quality I would say it's a strong buy. I am sure it is available to sample in most mall stores. Enjoy!

Gucci Guilty Cologne is a refreshing and clean cologne that is pleasantly citrus with a green edge in the opening which becomes dry and sharp with a touch of violet for a cold formal feel. With notes of rosemary, juniper berry and cypress I was expecting the cleansing greens and it delivers. The violet note is a brief but distinctive touch. The base is a blend of patchouli and cedar with a white musk dry finish. Gucci Guilty Cologne brings of other crisp green colognes like Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet or Hermes Gentiane Blanche. GGC is an easy wear and refreshingly different from most of the Gucci Guilty series.

The opening reminds me of sitting in a launderette with all the tumble dryers working overtime and the metal cogs are starting to rub, the launderette is sitting on a cliff edge with the doors open and juniper trees are swaying in the breeze, interesting opening but I prefer the mid which reminds me of violet talcum powder. Excellent abstract take on a cologne, once again another leftfield and daring creation from Gucci that I really enjoy, Alberto has followed a very traditional approach to a post shave routine, geo.f.trumpers have many fragrances of this nature and it's not something new to me, however it does feel reassuring that a designer company is prepared to take chances and be a little different, the only issue I have with guilty cologne is the synthetic nature to the composition, the whole fragrance feels like it was developed on a spaceship, maybe that is part of its charm tho to be honest and it almost feels deliberate.

Kind of a cooling juniper dry slightly slightly medicinal frag. No relation to the original. I feel the theme they are going for with this one and Absolute. Im not super into the lite cologne style stuff, but i dig this, and guccis approach to these last two guiltys in general.

Gucci Guilty Cologne's reception seems to be lukewarm overall, and while I can understand the bar being set fairly high by the three prior releases of 2017 and 2018–Guilty Absolute Pour Homme / Pour Femme and Guilty Oud–and I agree with some that find there to be a sort of calone-like prominence that makes for a very sharp marine vibe..

However, I don't find Gucci Guilty Cologne to be synthetic or general to the point of being unenjoyable–quite the opposite, as I really enjoy it, though I do have a little bit of difficulty describing it. It smells mainly of bergamot, cypress, violet, and, as mentioned before, a bit of a calone vibe, though no such note is listed.

Overall, it's fresh, but quite sharp, and I imagine that's what turns some people off to it, but that it's a bit biting is part of what makes it interesting to me, perhaps not quite as inoffensive as its cologne name suggests. It performs pretty well but not anything outstanding–it's loud during its opening couple of hours and then fades fairly quickly into a skin scent. It's a nice option for casual or daytime summer wearing, in my opinion.

As with the retail pricing of the other beloved Gucci Guilty offerings, Cologne's pricing of $95 for 90ml / $75 for 50ml is a reasonably tough sell, even tougher than the bolder, stronger Absolutes and Oud, so this would need to be a discount, grey market, or p2p type of sale. Still, I'm happy I blind bought it.

7 out of 10

This is a mild thumbs up.

One would be forgiven to assume this is a eau de cologne version of Gucci Guilty. In fact it is not. That role was played by the EAU version from 2016.

What this cologne is instead, is just that: a cologne, in the traditional sense. But even then it is experimental at best, much like the Absolute version was a risky turn fantastic offering.

There is a clearer connection to the Absolute version than to the original that this is a flanker to. Once you divorce yourself from the idea that there *should* be a connection, this flanker is a lot easier to accept.

A. Morillas is a genius no doubt; but with hundreds (240 at last count) of mass produced (and mostly successful) creations, I think he is more interested in 'playful' offerings rather than meeting a specific guideline.

Gucci Guilty Absolute is perhaps the GREATEST to my nose.
Gucci Guilty Cologne is the EdC strength of a 50% tincture of the Absolute. Thumbs up only because it is daring, but barely.

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