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Reviews of Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme by Gucci

The first thing I noticed was the mandarin, vetiver and kumquat accord. Very nice. So nice, I might even purchase a bottle of this one. All year round fragrance IMO. 8/10
Dec 28, 2020

Im split between up and neutral. I'm going up. It has a nice seafoam green bottle that looks like it is retro, but also updated. Its got a white floral, zesty ginger lavender thing going on. Teetering on sporty, but classy sporty, if that makes sense. It does bear some resemblance in my memory to Guilty Black but less sharp, though I haven't tried that one in quite a while. One thing I will say here, the hipster retro chic adverts and packaging for these things will probably turn off some of those who would be right in the wheelhouse. This thing will die a quick death. I actually might buy a bottle if I see a good deal on one.
Feb 1, 2020

So Gucci thinks it's a novelty act to bring back a classic masculine accord, and so assigns such an accord to a limited edition flanker to the original Gucci Guilty pour Homme (2011), as interpreted by modern cost-minimized aromachemical perfumery in an era of maximizing short-term profits over long-term brand integrity. Begrudgingly this works, and I don't like to admit that, because here we have a house that has repeatedly flushed its own legacy down the toilet with every new exchange of hands. It's becoming something of an abusive relationship with Gucci to allow oneself to fall in love with anything they make, knowing it will sooner rather than later be taken away and replaced with something potentially even more banal and catch-all than the last thing, but I like Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme (2019) in spite of that. To be fair, this isn't quite a faithful aromatic fougère recreation because it has a few choice embellishments on top to fit the "love" aesthetic, ergo some touches that the modern mainstream perfume buyer would perceive as romantic, and doesn't attempt a synthetic oakmoss accord like Montblanc Legend (2011) by using evernyl. I both love and hate talking about these "new fougère" fragrances in a post-oakmoss world, because I feel like I'm speaking to a schism in the fragrance community between those who have almost a drug-addled fixation on oakmoss, and those who came into enjoying fragrances too late after all the restrictions to really understand why this is such a big deal to some people. In my opinion, this is one of the best in the Gucci Guilty pour Homme line since the the original and Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme (2017), but it takes coming to terms with what to expect from this market segment to appreciate it, and there are still far better options that don't come with the caveat of being pre-planned unicorns on the merit of having a limited finite production run at launch. Is Gucci poorly attempting to cash in on their own aftermarket status with fragrances like Gucci Nobile (1988) here? Who knows?

The top of Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme has the odd choice of kumquat, or whatever captive stands in for it, with some mandarin and ginger to build out a fruity semi-sweet spicy "romantic" opening. I think classic fougère lovers will find the most difficulty in loving this "love edition" with the top than with the rest of the fragrance, but if they can set aside their dismissals for just a few minutes, the rest of the fragrance shimmers into place. Lavender, geranium, and rosemary establish the classic aromatic fougère heart of Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme, and it mingles with a bit of the fruity accord in the top and the flanking pink pepper in the middle almost like how the neroli and black pepper play with the fougère heart of Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels (1989), making something of an old-school "sporty" vibe by accident. Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme leaves memory lane quickly by veering off the nearest exit ramp into a modern ambrox base, but it's honestly not bad even then. Patchouli, vetiver, and benzoin are all classic resins and aromatics found in fougères of the past, so here they work to mask the weird transparent warmth ambrox usually gives to a modern fragrance with a bit more bushy depth. At the end of the day, we get a marriage of 1980's and early 90's fougère aesthetics with the modern ingenuity perfumers often develop when saddled with briefs from mainstream houses that won't spend the coin on naturals like low-atranol oakmoss or allow more than a few months gestation in the lab before it hits shelves to meet a seasonal deadline. In short, Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme won't please die-hard vintage lovers but will make a small splash outside of that for its retro-green feel with modern versatility (accompanied by the odd bottle color). Wear time for Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme is pretty average for the segment and performance is also pretty much the same. Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme has moderate to high projection at first, with some quieting down later, but the aromatics throughout lend some of their powerhouse charm to the modern ambrox glow so it doesn't smell like your typical "Sauventus" one-trick pony on skin.

With so many options for reformulated classic aromatic fougères available, Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme may inadvertently prove to be a gateway down the "vintage cologne guy" rabbit hole for some younger people after they get their first taste of a proper lavender/geranium tandem, and wonder what they've been missing all this time. The bulk of mainstream buyers will probably just be stuck on kumquat, patchouli, and benzoin portions of the overall accord in Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme, as together they do create a pretty sexy sweet "jungle fruit" brusqueness that was last seen in action somewhere around the turn of the millennium. I still think this new limited flanker is pretty office-safe despite the romantic lean because of the old-school aromatics in the composition bringing a bit of the brisk "sportiness" guys who lived through the 80's will remember with early Lacoste efforts, but this same group will also probably be too hung up on the modern facets and lack of oakmoss to notice that connection. I can sort of see why this would be a limited edition, because the combination of Gordon Gecko and Elon Musk on display in Gucci Guilty Love Edition pour Homme is too dated for the average GQ-reading Chad, but too modern for the oatmilk latte-swilling hipster that records his Spotify lists to cassette so he can play them in his 87 Honda Prelude's OEM stereo. Vintage guys will sniff the top notes and go "hate it" while everyone else will be puzzled by the Gucci with the same color green on its bottle as a 1960's refrigerator, but I guess the right hype from a big enough YouTuber could put enough spin on this to catch some heat. Otherwise, this one is going to sell on impulse alone until it ends up in discounters, like most Gucci Guilty pour Homme flankers. Test it out and see for yourself while you still can, as I expect this is meant to run through Valentine's Day 2020. If you're reading this review way after the fact, you might as well just go to eBay, as it will have joined the rest of the discontinued Guccis there. Thumbs up.
Jan 6, 2020

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