Gucci Guilty fragrance notes

    • mandarin, pink pepper, peach, lilac, geranium, amber, patchouli

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This is okay. I mean, it's not repulsive but it does remind me of "that collective" of all the scents in the air as you walk through the beauty section of a department store in the mall (some people may not be able to experience this in the near future, so you may want to get some Gucci Guilty as an American nostalgic momento). One special feature about this scent is that it does have a subtle notion of seduction in it, but other than that, nothing splendid that allows it to stand out from the "collective" air in the mall beauty section.
22nd November 2021
Gucci Guilty makes me think of almond with a powder note. A fresh honeyed, not-overly-sweet, gourmand. The black version is more intense.
8th May 2018

Gucci guilty is a fragrance that I always wanted to dislike, but just could not find the gumption to be completely grossed out. It's excessively fruity in that shrill North American mall sort of way–one of my pet peeves when it comes to designer fragrances. Guilty opens with a boozy lychee note that settles down into a synthetic peach that just doesn't want to go away. After being hit over the head with terrifying fruit, one becomes aware of a nice green spring floral note (lilac / lily-of-the-valley) and a touch of sensual musk similar to the one found in NR For Her. The result smells like a quintessential designer fragrance for women, with a touch of weirdness, maybe a little sweat. The best part is that Guilty doesn't fall apart on the skin and it continues to develop into something more approachable as the hours wear on.

Not my thing, but not bad; a nice springtime scent

16th January 2017
At first sniff, all I could smell was lilac. It took several minutes to develop into something a little more complex. That being said, I think this is a pretty scent, but it doesn't really stand out as unique. It is a little sexy, or, perhaps sensual. There's honestly not much more to say about it - it's a little underwhelming for me.
12th June 2016
After FLORA i expected another heavy and special perfume like GUCCI BY GUCCI or GUCCI EAU DE PARFUM of this great design but perhaps GUILTY is continues the fragrant story of FLORA however i prefer FLORA than this one. Modern,pleasant,delightful,youngish, simple yet too expensive.

Nice and simple are a couple of words that come to mind when I think about GUILTY.instantly optimistic and joyful. beginning of peach and a hint of pink pepper,geranium before the feminine and soft base evoke the airs of a delightful young coquette in front of her mirror.

The delicately sweet scent comes in a lovely and artistic bottle and this is best part GUILTY for is recommended for daytime my opinion if you are a big fan of GUCCI fragrances or have a lot of remarkable bottle in your dresser GUILTY is your new fragrance.
23rd April 2015
Evidence of fragrance guilt

On my skin this is a generic orangy-peachy syrup with an attempt of adding a bit of peppery counterbalance - very chemical. A brief geranium impression is not unpleasant, but a pretty dull patchouli towards the end is not making things better. Not a catastrophe, but one of many mediocre scents. 1.75/5.
23rd October 2013
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