Gucci Guilty Black 
Gucci (2013)

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Reviews of Gucci Guilty Black by Gucci

There are 12 reviews of Gucci Guilty Black by Gucci.

Gucci Guilty Black is more intense, with more flower and fruit, than Gucci Guilty, and that makes it less interesting.
May 8, 2018

Deliciously sensual perfume. Wish it had better longevity. Can be heady when first applied but soon fades to a pleasant fragrance and then disappears after about 4 hours.
Mar 4, 2018


Gucci Guilty Black Pour Femme Gucci

The spirit of an irresistibly fascinating fragrance. GUCCI GUILTY BLACK PF is a delicious and sexy fragrance reflecting a mischievous,intrepid and charming drew inspiration to interpret original GUCCI GUILTY in a bewitching floral/fruity is simple yet sexy and elegant at the same time. nothing special but very nice scent indeed.Playfully Sensual, Utterly Flirtatious,Dangerously Charming and Interestingly Irresistible.

The juicy and luscious combination of red berries, peach and raspberry brings luminous sensuality to the scent,while intriguing woody patchouli notes united with amber and violet makes the base and express sensuality and elegance as envelope the wearer in warmth.this scent evoking images of flirty evenings in autumn weather.i recommend it to any lady who she wants to make a first impression.also a nice gift for your sweetheart.


Longevity?Above average on my skin.

Apr 23, 2015

I think I was expecting something a little darker and more mysterious than this, based on the name and the sleek bottle. It's not a particularly inviting scent. It's predominantly fruity - but the raspberry feels a little more sour than sweet. I can faintly detect the pink pepper, but the remaining notes are lost on me. It's not bad, but it doesn't make the 'raw and compelling' statement it claims to.
Apr 6, 2015

Fake fruity and a synthetic mess. Rbaker hit it on the head with chemical mix. All the scents mixed together, but nothing authentic. Smells like a little kid has gotten into your perfume collection and given itself a squirt of everything you have.
Sep 23, 2014

Chemical mixOn me this is a fairly linear raspberry-peach scent of distincly synthetic characteristics. A bit of patchouli is not too bad, and the base in an undeciphrable sweetish mix. Two hours of longevity on my skin.
Oct 23, 2013

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