Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme 
Gucci (2017)

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The company say: Born out of a special collaboration between creative director Alessandro Michele and master perfumer Alberto Morillas. Created using a particular blend with a structure that remains unchanged from the first time it is applied to the skin. Leather accord and goldenwood are custom-mixed with natural extract of the Nootka Cypress, selected especially for Gucci Guilty Absolute. The resulting scent features ultra-dry woody notes. The fragrance’s composition is intensified with three forms of patchouli oils and earthy vetiver.

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Reviews of Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

There are 57 reviews of Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci.

Fragrance in Three Words: Old school woods

Real anomaly of a flanker. It not only smells better than the original, but is done in a style you rarely see in designer fragrances.

It's big on cedar and has a sort of varnish smell. I don't really get anything medicinal, but I can understand comparisons to Coal Tar soap.

Rating: 8
Sep 3, 2021

I'm a sucker for a good leather, and tolerant of a middling one. There are a few I can't abide: notably Tom Ford's, whose signature leather leaves me cold, with or without the unfortunate raspberry glaze. But I'm perfectly happy with Avon Leather, a virtually unadorned IBQ that might serve to "punch up" a more complex scent that suffers with an anemic leather note.

Enter GGApH, which gets hyped by some as an old-school leather and dinged by others for not being old-school enough. My assessment falls in between. It's a decent leather after the "Band-Aid" opening (which doesn't really bug me) burns off, with a mix of natural and synthetic woods that is neither scratchy nor resonant, and some vetiver in the base that rises slowly to augment the leather, giving it some needed dimension. (It's a near-glacial evolution, but it's really better three hours in than at the start.) The faint patchouli took more than three hours to find its way to my nose.

I appreciate the nod to historic leathers without going entirely retro. It's nicely done, even if a tad more patchouli in the blend might have made it more interesting. Younger perfumistos who don't know/like the vintage stuff might dig this as something different from their usual woody-ambroxan bombs (assuming they don't find it too grandfatherly). For the more mature market, perhaps the main reason for getting this would be the desire for an in-production alternative to the better leathers of the past–but since it's allegedly been discontinued, that reason goes out the window.

As I have an ample stock of iconic leathers, I don't need a FB of this one. If you haven't, though, this is a fine choice so long as the price stays low. For that, I give it a thumbs-up. Once sellers tack on the "discontinued vintage Gucci premium," though, I'd look elsewhere.
Jul 21, 2021

Brand new leather belt on the opening. Stays quite linear, with some woody drydown. Really nice, not the best leather I've smelled but I can definitely see why it gets the hype.
Mar 4, 2021

Very pleasant surprise from Alberto Morillas and Gucci. The ingredients are not too many and this is what makes this blend very balanced and satisfactory all day long. Even though goldenwood is a rather unusual ingredient, one can see a dry - down of vetiver through the day. This is after all an eau de parfum. As for Gucci it is a very respectful brand, only for the sake of Gucci Nobile, unfortunately discontinued.
Jul 30, 2020

Not bad, but also not the best leather forward fragrance I've tried. I feel that this one is pretty linear, not much development or variation in the dry-down, mostly just leather. Not really worth the high price tag imho.
May 3, 2020

really like it - dominant suede, well balanced
- could be a little bit more subtile overall :-)
Apr 19, 2020

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