Gucci Flora : Gracious Tuberose 
Gucci (2012)

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Gucci Flora : Gracious Tuberose by Gucci

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Gucci Flora : Gracious Tuberose is a women's perfume launched in 2012 by Gucci

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Reviews of Gucci Flora : Gracious Tuberose by Gucci

There are 2 reviews of Gucci Flora : Gracious Tuberose by Gucci.

The fruity, peachy top notes are fairly sweet in my skin, definitely a soft and ripe peach - this is a nice start, and soon the tuberose sets in. It is a lighter version of tuberose, not the rich, deep variety.

The base is quite disappointing in contrast, with the wood notes being less convincing. I get moderate sillage with good projection and five hours if longevity. For warmer autumn days. 2/3.

Beautiful fragrance. I love the creamy peach opening. Rose dominates the mid notes on me, with the tuberose dancing around in the background along with cedar wood. It is strong from the outset. Overall great.

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