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Gucci (2009)

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Gucci Flora by Gucci

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Gucci Flora is a women's perfume launched in 2009 by Gucci

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Reviews of Gucci Flora by Gucci

There are 23 reviews of Gucci Flora by Gucci.

Opening with a lot of citrus, half mandarin half lemony with peony. Personally love citrus and big fan of peony, but not loving the whole combination in this bottle. Impression was lemony and leather like on my skin.

Time tested: winter
Colors I think of: yellow and black.

Silage: 3/10, very weak.

The opening is peony - centred,
but on my skin it is rather thin. The rose in the drydown is all right, quite generic, as is the light and nondescript patchouli. Admittedly it is neither overly.sweet nor cloying, and that is good. The sillage is moderate, projection ok and I get five hours longevity.

Not a scent I am excited by. 2/5

My advice to Everybody think GUCCI fragrances are cheap this is you must feel not only with your nose but also with your heart those.certainly I prefer my fragrance to have class and style just Like GUCCI than very common and ordinary without character like some brands.

And but Flora,It is not exception of this rule too.I find it simply surprising with an essence of flowers and citruses this mixture makes this EDT provide a Great balance.modern, exquisite,mesterpiece, independent, bright,elegant,fascinate, yummy.

If GUCCI BY GUCCI is a great night scent, FLORA is great day scent too as this one is youngish,fresh,daily and not heavy than it.for me it is an expression of a womanly nicety.the bottle is as lovely as the scent and demonstrator GUCCI elegance.

Overall i would suggest this EDT for a romantic young lady or a romantic lady with a youthful heart.Flora is appropriate for any occasion specially for office, intimate in springtime and wedding too.a respectable fragrance for every gentleman.

Flora smells to me like an old-school chypre after a board of sales consultants demanded all the leathery and animalic elements be replaced with cheap wood and chemical sweetener. Not too bad but it bothers my nose in the first phase with some sweet powdery attack particle. Good for floral fans that can't stomach the older stuff.

I have the EDP and I love it. Starts off sparkling mandarine, bright and soft citrusy, very lightly spicy and a floral heaven. Sadly, it fades out too quickly and has vanished to the wind after 30 minutes on me, although it lasts a bit longer - about 2 hours on my daughter. And this is the EDP. The only reason I won't replace my bottle is the lasting power. the neutral review is for the lasting power on me. Otherwise I love love love the scent.

My sister was/is crazy about this one so I bought it for her wedding in 2010. Needless to say, I'm not crazy about this one but also I can't bash it too much, however it's not a very inspiring fragrance, not to mention it's price which is quite undeserving for what it offers.

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