Launched two years after Gucci Eau de Parfum, this fragrance is housed in a similar bottle but with a pink liquid, and is aimed at a younger consumer than its elder sister. 

Gucci Eau de Parfum II fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, bitter orange, blackcurrant
  • Heart

    • violet, blackberry
  • Base

    • jasmine, heliotrope, cedarwood, musks

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The opening combines citrus - orange, mandarin and hints of tangerines- with a blackcurrant impression, and at times I get blackberries too. Agreeable.

The drydown adds a violet impression, and for the next few hours it is this violet that dominates the scene. It is, I must say, a bit on the unexciting side.
Additionally, I get a weak undertone of jasmine here and there.

The base adds some heavier feelings, with a sweetness provided by heliotropes mixed with lashing me if white musks. Whiffs of a dried out ylang-ylang add some smoothness. A woodsiness is present in the background, mostly rather nonspecific and cedar only comes to the fore occasionally.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

A pleasantly inoffensive scent for warm spring or college summer days, which is very generic and of a blandly synthetic nature. 2.5/5.

28th January 2020
I don't smell any of the fruit maybe a light floral scent, what I smell predominantly is the cedarwood, it reminds me of my grandfather's wood shop.
16th March 2017

A generic fruity floral wood scent of no particular distinction or interest.

The currant and blackberry notes combine with the violet and musks to present a clean version of the genre. I never get the citrus notes. The other florals are indistinguishable.

I expected more of a statement of some kind from the house of Gucci, but alas. Turin's "sage floral" is an incomprehensible tag to my mind as neither do I get any herbals, nor are any listed.

Bland and a bit boring.
21st February 2016
Gucci II opens with a fruity-floral accord comprising synthetic notes of peach, rose, white flowers, aldehydes, a base of light mossy wood and a subtle powdery creaminess of sandalwood and, probably, ylang or jasmine. In short, a clean, fresh, soapy floral-fruity scent with just a hint of more "adult" refinement (aldehydes, mossy notes). All is artificial, static and mutely "perfect" like a shop window. Thus, nothing interesting, creative, challenging or particularly evocative whatsoever, but still versatile and fairly pleasant to wear, with no particularly evident defects. A kind of "office-scent" elegance, if you want. Or, the same kind of politically-correct, trendy and uncreative glossy elegance of a fashion magazine. Still, it's decently made, therefore I get it may be pleasant enough for customers which require only a discreet, generically refined and good-smelling perfume, standing to a proper "good" perfume like a hostess' uniform compares to a prêt-à-porter tailleur.

13th October 2014
Gucci Eau de Parfum II is a delightfully brisk, fruity, green floral that miraculously avoids the crass hard candy sweetness that plagues so many of its type, trading brisk, grassy herbaceous notes and judiciously applied aldehydes for the usual pink Kool-Aid accord. It's at once heartening to see what beauty can be derived from this tired genre, and revelatory of the cynicism that breeds the accustomed bubble-headed fruity floral celebrity scent.

The top notes limn the expected sweet-tart berry accord, soon joined by a floral bouquet in which violet and jasmine play dominant roles. The green notes that rescue Gucci EdP II from banality swoop in not long after, and once the three components – fruit, florals, and green – assemble, the scent plays out in a consistent, linear manner for several hours before settling into an unusually reserved clean musk and wood drydown. Altogether an unexpected pleasure.
15th June 2014
My sister wore this, I liked it on her,so she bought it for me.On her, it seemed to smell predominantly of raspberry, possibly rose, on me, it seems to smell quite subtly different, and I agree with previous more...eleganty-put reviews which mention the fresher,slightly more leafy scent that fades to one of soft fruit and roses.Which I wouldn't normally wear if you paid me, works,it stops just short of being too talcum-powdery or sweet,I get a faint hint of violets or blackcurrant and I really like it,even after a few hours,I think it's quite long-lasting, without being invasive.A friend of mine said it reminded her vaguely of rose -scented incense,possibly with sandalwood, I can understand that....In a strange's ..possibly not something I would have dreamed of wearing myself,I don't see myself as "this type of person" but it IS a lovely scent, if I'm actually, having a Fluffy day,I will wear it..
28th October 2012
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