Gucci Eau de Parfum fragrance notes

  • Head

    • heliotrope, orange blossom, orris
  • Heart

    • cistus, cumin, thyme, vanilla absolute
  • Base

    • deep musk

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Very unique. Rich without being heavy. Incense and heliotrope with a slightly boozy note. Does not overwhelm if you use just one or 2 sprays.

I would describe this as a third date scent!

Made for women; some call it unisex; I don't agree, but to each his/her own.
7th September 2021
Spice plus something else - this is the theme that runs through the concept of this creation:

Whiffs of citrus, and heliotropes, with a white floral touch - mainly orange blossoms and whiffs of muguet - but there is also a lovely orris to add some gentle spice with a slightly nutty undertone.

The heliotropic sweetness is enhanced by a creamy vanilla in the drydown, at times with touches of caramel, and more florals of the slightly herbal character, mainly jasmin with some thyme. Again a spoonful of spice is added, now it is cistus with a good cumin impression, which as a slightly indolic undertone at times.

The base maintains the vanilla aroma, but again a touch of edge is added by some dark musks. The latter are not very sharp or animalic though, more a soft and civilised touch than dramatic wildness. At times I get a touch of a fresh powdery undertone that not a boudoir type of a stale powdery note, but more of a lighter version.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and ten hours of longevity on my skin.

A lovely and well-rounded autumn scent that is balanced well, and blended beautifully of ingredients of a high quality. This is a worthy counterpart of Gucci pour Homme, that classic Gucci fragrance released under Tom Ford's reign at Gucci one year later, although GPH 1 is a bit more complex. Overall 3.5/5.

5th February 2020

GUCCI EDP is a noteworthy blend of oriental spicy notes and vanilla accords with a touch of masculine as gives you a sense of wealth and makes you feel special.It is great no doubt about it.powerful,hot, captivating,intoxicating, rich,attractive and spicy.

The opening is a little spicy and loud but in a sophisticated way.the middle notes by caraway are rich and then the incense,vanilla,leather and musk of the base start to emerge into the mix.the dry down is a deep alluring and truly one of the best dry downs I have experienced amid female fragrances.

This glamorous and provocative fragrance creates for a mature lady who commands attention.not a young and juvenile girl.In my opinion GUCCI EDP makes you like a Femme Fatale.perfect for snowy nights and special moments.If you are looking for a real oriental spicy fragrance this one just for you.
23rd April 2015
I don't think this perfume is made any longer, but I have a pile of carded samples that I bought years ago for $.25 apiece at some old perfume shop. I always liked it in that dirty pleasure sort of way, relishing that cheap thrill of mild sleaziness of enjoying a cheap perfume. 

Trying this perfume again after a few years I realize my mistake. I found these samples at some mistakenly low-price and the made amateurish mistakes of equating cheap with Cheap.   This is a beautiful, simple floriental, one that eschews the genre's typical diva-ish complexity in favor of simple, well-chosen broad strokes. I smell it as if it is under an olfactory magnifying glass. It's laid out like paint-by-numbers canvas that only has the colors orange flower, cumin and amber filled in. The artist stepped back, realized less might be more and left if in its simple state of beauty.  Perhaps more mainstream perfumers should try this pre-editing, because Gucci EDP smell a little rough at the edges and just right.

This simple structure makes a tightly knit perfume that remains coherent through drydown.  Smelling it years later, it seems like a fragrance that could be released today as a masculine woody floral.  
19th June 2014
An intensely animalic, sweet plummy opening gives way to powdery, but no less sweet, vanilla, heliotrope, and amber accord. The lingering animalic accents reveal themselves as cumin and an indole-laden orange blossom, but after the first five or ten minutes their presence is less conspicuous. Meanwhile, the remnants of the plummy top note morph into something dark and boozy as the scent develops. The booze, indole, and cumin in tandem establish a suggestively predatory, feline undertone that offsets the sweet florals and vanilla. Prominent labdanum and a warm musk lend the cedar-based drydown a rich, retro-inspired character that's not far in mood from the original Rochas Femme. From start to finish Gucci Eau de Parfum is an enjoyable, sophisticated scent that leaves me with a haunting impression of having come from another era.
15th June 2014
Very dark, warm, and plush...

Like leather seats in a room full of spices and incense. This is a very dry fragrance, but quite mysterious as well. Has an almost resinous like quality to it. Spicy caraway with deep vanilla. Dry orange blossom in the opening. The "cherry" aspect of the heliotrope with the dry leather and incense make it very unique. Can be a little dry, and almost tangy with the spicy-sweet dry-down, but I like it. This is amazing for a female EDP from Gucci. There is nothing quite like this out there these days, and it also develops into an incredibly sexy dark, spicy leather scent on a man. Brilliant!
21st November 2013
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