Gucci Bloom fragrance notes

    • tuberose, jasmine absolute, jasmine bud extract, rangoon creeper

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I bought this for a girlfriend because I LOVE the smell of jasmine. This is my favorite floral perfume I have smelled thus far. If you love jasmine as I do, you already have a good idea of what Bloom smells likes.
3rd March 2022
I LOVE this strong white floral! It definitely makes me think vintage, but not grandma's baby powder vintage. The florals are freshly cut and strong, wafting all around you-- it's surprisingly youthful, yet elegant. I love wearing it when I go full goth with my outfit of the day, actually-- something about a bouquet of white flowers against a stark black background just makes my inner teen goth go "yay!". For reference, I am 28 (F) and I wear this often! Would definitely recommend for all ages who enjoy a retro vibe with fresh twist.
24th December 2021

Fragrance In Three Words: Strong Classical Floral

First of all Bloom reminded me of much older fragrances like Estée Lauder's Knowing (1988) and Elizabeth Arden's 5th Avenue (1996). It's a nod to powerhouse florals.

Opening to me smelt like lily of the valley. Although not listed as a note I suspect jasmine has similar DNA in aromachemicals.

As it progressed I got gardenia and white florals. As well as green stems. Drydown is a bit sweeter with honeyed musk. Unfortunately it never goes into the dirty earthy musk territory.

This is a bit of a weird I think the under 30 would see this as old lady perfume despite the bottle design and marketing. People of middle age probably own a few similar fragrances. I do appreciate a big designer fragrance house taking the risk on revising an old school style though.

Projection is quite big for the first hour with above average sillage. Lasted around 6 hours+ on skin. Price in UK is £105 for 100ml (December 2021) and £77 for 50ml.

Scores a neutral due to the pricing point and there are florals I like much more such as Après L'Ondée (1906) and Theo Fennell Scent (2007).

6 out of 10
7th December 2021
Here is the progenitor of the musky Gucci Bloom-dynasty (Acqua di Fiori, Ambrosia di Fiori, Gocce di Fiori, Nettare di Fiori etc) after the graceful floral-musky-honeyed Gucci by Gucci edt and the hyper boring Gucci Flora-line. I appreciate a lot the aquila_2009's review on this redolent Morillas-creation for Gucci (especially in its introduction with the human ideal personification of this "blooming up" olfactory hyper floral shiny creation with a graceful blond-hair white dreassed young girl while reading a book in a luxuriant garden). The floral core of this fragrance is indeed quite vivid, honeyed, bright and nostalgic (with the honeyed vibe mitigated by hints of greenness and floral/citric acidity), a sort of impressionistic picture of a british victorian scenario with a central white dressed young adolescent (on a bench in the middle of a garden) with a whide hat and a little white flowers-framed parasol. Tuberose is the main initial floral affair in here, a nectarinic pulsating tuberose reduced in viscerality by supporting white lighter flowers (with a mitigating rosey touch by its hint of floral/lymphatic soapy-neutrality and a tad of acid hesperides and petals). Jasmine (absolute-jasmine reproduced by an exclusive method of co-extraction making it more vivid on the perception of each green/honeyed nuance) gradually emerges with its relentless wave of floral whiffs beating obsessively like the heart of a wild buffalo after a run-struggle for survival. The floral tide is laced and reinforced by the aroma of Rangoon Creeper, a sort of fruity-like intoxicating floral aroma conjuring honeysuckle and several white flowers (but adding up a tad of wild greenness). There is definitely some soothing creamy muskiness all around, something soapy and clean (amalgamating the elements) not so distant from the musky presence in the currently mainstream formula of brand new feminine creations a la Shiseido Ginza or from the landmark muskiness in several Narciso Rodriguez's. Compared to Michael by Michael Kors (another musky tuberose-jasmine combo) I'd say the latter is more complex and superior on structure, spiciness, floral articulation and resinous/earthy/woody complexity. Bloom is all in all a mainstream spring/summer white floral perfume which has moderate sweetness and large versatility (daily use or events). Nothing groundbreaking or able to pounce on the step of neo-classicism but definitely something joyful and easily likeable by younger generation and easy going persons.
10th April 2021
If perfumes could become humans, this one would be a young lady wearing a white dress, ice blonde hair, carying with a warm heart, reading book in the garden and tender whisper in a chilly morning! From the first spray this was a love. Absolutely lovely. Fresh and elegant tuberose up in the air at it's finest. This is what Gucci Bloom is all about once it's sprayed.

Gentle sweet velvet tuberose petals small in size rich in stature accented with the waxiness of jasmine glowing with an almost solar warmth of musk. freshness, sweetness and softness gives the scent an alluring feminine quality. Linear, realistic and gentle tuberose&jasmine with soft sillage and good longevity. Pure love in a bottle.
10th February 2021
This smells like it was created to appeal to as many people as possible. It's a pretty floral but not at all memorable. I've been testing it for days and kept forgetting to write a review because I forget I'm wearing it. It fades quickly.
8th September 2020
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