gs01 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • green notes, orange flower, green lime, carrot seed, magnolia blossom, basil, pink pepper, bay leaf
  • Heart

    • exotic fruits, white peach, freesia, water lily, rose, jasmine, davana
  • Base

    • cedarwood, vetiver, sandalwood, guajak, basmati, musk, ambergris, moss

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Latest Reviews of gs01

This smells like a mix of all the things found in designer frags today: spicy florals on top, woody amber base and a fruity musk. A blend of the nicest things. Pretty good.
9th January 2009
GS01 is similar to Geza Schoen's Ecentric Molecules Escentric 01 in that they both have a warm woody, cedary base powered by ISO E Super but GS 01 has a more green, herbal side to its personality. It is so well-blended that it is hard to isolate any of the other notes, even having the list available (see below). The drydown is mellow and very pleasant, and lasts a decent amount of time. In short, GS 01 smells like something that Daniel Craig's James Bond would wear to the Hotel de Paris casino in Monaco for an evening of baccarat and martinis. It is an incredibly understated and stylish masculine fragrance that smells expensive but worth it. Here are the notes, courtesy of Luckyscent; Dewdrop green, orange flower, green lime, carrot seeds, magnolia blossoms, basil, pink pepper, bay leaves, absolutes of white peach, freesia, water lily, rose, jasmine, davana, and cedar wood, vetiver, sandalwood, guaiac, basmati, musk, ambergris, moss.
21st July 2008

Top: dew drop green, orange blossom, green lime, carrot seedMid: white peach, freesia, waterlily, rose, jasmine, davanaBase: cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, basmati, musk, amber, mossThis is a lovely scent, full of peach fruit and richly sweet flowers. It is not unisex, it is a feminine scent; and it would suit a lovely young lady.
14th May 2008