Gris Charnel Extrait fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Cardamom, Black tea, Fig
  • Heart

    • Tangerian Iris, Cistus, bourbon vetiver
  • Base

    • Indonesian patchouli, Bourbon vanilla, Indian sandalwood, American cedarwood, Tonka bean

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This fragrance features an equal blend of cardamom, fig, black tea, and iris, with a touch of light woody undertones. It maintains an elegant and airy character, without being heavy or overpowering. It's suitable for casual wear and could serve as a signature scent, particularly during the fall and spring seasons. The drydown is woody and soft, with the iris note helping to smooth out any rough edges. While the construction of the fragrance is well-crafted, personally, it rates a 3 out of 5. If you're looking to save money, opting for the original fragrance might be a better choice.

This and the original reminds me of Santal 33.
26th June 2023