Grezzo d'Eleganza 
AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

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Grezzo d'Eleganza by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

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Grezzo d'Eleganza is a shared scent by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

Reviews of Grezzo d'Eleganza by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo

There are 9 reviews of Grezzo d'Eleganza by AbdesSalaam Attar Profumo.


on y va !

Grezzo (d'eleganza):

Smelling it from an 'empty' sample, as I greedily 'tested' it up without taking notes. But it deserves my review, even if my review may be very superficial. I might add more if I get around to buy a bottle.

Mainly: dry, herbal, warm and assertive; British Do-it attitude with a Mediterranean background. Elegant.

Herbal dryness (thyme, perhaps lavender and similar herbs), animalistic (civet? Fragrantica say 'Castoreum' and that's probably more correct. Touch of muskdeer?), I'm getting something laudanum'esque, a touch of white floral (jasmine, and similar), something vanilla'ish, sandalwood (and woodsy overall), Citrus opening. Tobacco.

I feel as if you mixed the floral and vanilla from 'Palermo', the tobacco laudanum from 'Tabac' and added lots of dried, dry, herbs (more than in 'Tabac') and the animal warmth/leatheriness of 'Sharif', and perhaps even the nuttiness (Darvant suggested roasted, I say the nutty, almonds, from Sharif) u'd be in the Grezzzo realm.

If you like any of Sharif, Grezzo, Tabac or Palermo (P, being the uniquest among em, due to the heavy white floral vanilla combo) - you should try the rest as they are similarly elegant and warm - yet enigmatic.

Perhaps a weird review - at least now u know my thoughts of Grezzo D'ELEGANZA!

Go sniff dat,


Spray wisely - of course.

Passes as masculine but is a bit on the soft side. Ten minutes after the initial fine smokey-spicey accord Grezzo turns into a veritable Martini Bianco, which in my universe is a thing best left for girls

Although I do not experience the depths of ingredients other Basenotes reviewers do on this page, the scent is remarkably restrained and beautifully rounded as a linear resinous wood.

I detect the rare Mysore sandalwood here. It begins dark and bitter, a combination of olibanum and woods, but fifteen minutes into it, it suddenly becomes warm and slightly sweet. It actually lightens as it dries down.

It is reminiscent of many of the woody resinous scents from the house of Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. On its own it is certainly an excellent wood, extremely well blended and sensuously masculine.

Highly recommended.

Grezzo d'Eleganza is not for the faint of heart. Immediately I'm smitten by a terrific testosteronic resinous animalic opening with a quite compelling spicy-herbal animalic welcome that on the skin is fierce. Warm, luxurious, incensey and carnal, overall with a strong musky presence and a yummy (literally edible) and wasting combination of orange/lemon, vanilla, tasty spices, incensey smoke, honey and castoreum. There Is something "roasted" in the mix, it seems to taste roasted fruits combined with honeyed vanilla and spices (for a while it seems we deal with zabajone and it comes in the central stage, after the initial strong resinous animalic opening). Grezzo d'eleganza smells initially really warm and virile but along the way the texture goes "lightening" and finally the approach seems close to a classic eau de cologne, it seems to detect a touch of fluidy vetiver too in the background (well connected with bergamot) but is the hesperidic vanilla that strikes me a lot, really intense, orangy, floral (neroli) and "gready", anyway with no risk to slide down the dangerous gourmand territories. The combination of yummy and carnal ingredients does not hamper the fragrance to "sound" elegant, aromatic, fresh, versatile and subtle since the spicy incense, a touch of patchouli, aromatic grass, light woods, a royal bergamot and a Victorian rose provide the aroma with a stout classical (somewhat decadent and gloriously rosey-orangy-hesperidic-vanillic a la Habit Rouge) temperament preserving the lion to jump over the fences. I recommend this great juice to all those perfume addicted aiming to smell modern, brash and dangerous without to lose a classic sterotype of mystic-virile elegance.

A classical blend of dry aromatic resins and citrus-herbs with just the right touch of sweetness in the base. Any listed animalics (castoreum?) probably project within the subliminal plane of existence for it melds with my natural skin scent into one helluva suave 'player'. GREZZO may not be very original in terms of composition but in execution, it surpasses most. I think my search for Mediterranean styled classic eau de colognes has finally ended with this quintessential embodiment of Italian flair and virility. Guys, hold on to your ladies for they cannot help but swoon!

this is my new signature scent, i love this stuff! for me it had such a sweet opening scent that even though top notes, i could catch its even during the dry down. deff some oud in here and tempered with the neroli wich is deff a fem scent balanced out perfectly for me. tried it with the sample scents of the soul and immediatly bought the larger bottle. i wore it to a car show(99% men) and one lady said she liked my smell. i asked her to tell me what she thought when she smelled it and, she said it seemed like my bodys natural odor but, it was very pleasing. i deff feel a confidence boost with this scent and will wear as often as i can!

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