Grey Vetiver fragrance notes

    • vetiver, orange flower, grapefruit, aromatic sage, orris, nutmeg, pimento, amber woods, oakmoss

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Grey vetiver.

While encre noire's take on vetiver is very earthy to the point of smoky and black, this fragrance takes vetiver and trims out all the sharp earthy aspects of it, mixes it with grapefuit and citrus notes. One aspect smells close to citronella, particularly on warmest of Florida days (I am talking about edp). Overall, very pleasant, subdued vetiver. I agree to previous reviewers that this is unlike Tom Ford's other offerings which are usually more pompous and out there. With some minor modifications, this could have come from "Acqua di Parma" line as vetiver version and would have been just as loved if not more. Think Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino. However, something about Grey Vetiver is very French in nature and definitely not Italian. Maybe more bright citrus could help. But this one definitely does invoke grey flannel suits in current rendition and with multiple vetivers in my collection, somehow I do gravitate towards this one more frequently.

Thumps up!
29th April 2022
There's no such thing as bad Vetiver, right ? :), so thumbs up for this safe, comfortable take on the root of Vetiver, the ingredient that I'm the most fan of.
Otherwise, this is an almost exact clone of 2002's Carolina Herrera Sensual Vetiver, (discontinued now, it seems ) - a linear, pleasant, mainly sugary (not sugar cane, but sugar beet) take on Vetiver, with some sourness/citrusy on top. Both (the sugar and the citrus) keep Vetiver company all the way until the end. Best for all seasons except hottest summer days. Grey Vetiver's mild character reminded me, surprisingly, of another gentle masterpiece - Dune for Men, but with different notes and, of course, Dune is not just mild - it's softness in a bottle.
There's also a funny story here. I came to Grey Vetiver through JustJack Vetiver, (followed by a visit at my local Sephora) - great clone, by the way, just to find... another clone.
7th February 2022

When I'm not fishing for compliments and am in a businesslike or no nonsense mood, I go to my mood appropriate Grey Vetiver! This gorgeous juice exudes "business!" Just the scent alone lends to the atmosphere of taking care of business in the office or at an appointment, medical or automotive. Aahhh.... that grapefruit and Vetiver!! It drives you, man!
4th February 2022
There isn't much left to be said that hasn't been iterated by TFGV's many fans. The only thing I want to add is to try and find the original formula if you plan to purchase. As many of TF's fragrances (and many frags from so many other brands) the reformulations aren't nearly as good as the originals. This is why it gets a sideways thumb from me.
30th December 2021
On first application the bright citrus-leaning opener feels clean and clear, but fairly innocuous. On dry-down I get notes that remind me of Barbasol. It's comforting to an extent, a fatherly scent that feels grown up, but at times it feels generically like a classic albeit top-self "men's hygiene" scent. As the perfume fades through the evening, I'm left with a simple powdery note that softly endures on the skin. The sort of scent that might pull me closer to someone else, but not a scent for my wardrobe.
22nd January 2021
The best vetiver scent I've found so far!

I DO prefer a non-linear fragrance but here the vetiver and grapefruit are nice until close. It could project a bit longer but I'll forgive that.
1st December 2020
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