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Geoffrey Beene (1975)

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Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

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Geoffrey Beene
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FIFI award winner in 1976

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Reviews of Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

There are 196 reviews of Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene.

A perfect balance between a green and vegetal bitterness with the softness and purity of narcissus flower, with all the natural notes of geranium, iris, violet, vetiver, and oakmoss. A fine abstract. It smells like the morning light in September, when the trees are blue and golden, and the grass is covered in dew. There's something powdery in this scent that makes it milder, although it doesn't lose its greenness.

Grey Flannel opens with a burst of bright juicy herbal citrus. It's a little harsh but in a minute it smoothes and comes to the surface a mild sweet powdery flowery note and narcissus. Grey Flannel then gradually settles down to more earthiness with cedar and vetiver. The transition is palatable and pleasurable to experience. That's also when the aforementioned emotional response rears its strange head. The fragrance gives off a bittersweet vibe/aura without being olfactorily bitter nor sweet, as if from happy and sunny to a bit more melancholic.

In fact, It leaves me sometimes feeling a bit empty, yet at the same time elevating me to joy, perhaps because of the previous negative emotions. The two feelings juxtapose and somehow strengthen each other. Very intriguing, perhaps a life lesson is in this fragrance. To wear it successfully you will need garments without any laundry detergent scent residue left in them and unperfumed soap and body lotion for your toilette. Totally, to you it's just an old man scent. But to the rect of us, It's a scent of our character, our family memories, our life.

I think this one will grow on me. It's quite potent at first spray. The astringent bright soapy quality can definitely turn some people off. The sillage is much more pleasant than sniffing it up close. It's too harsh up-close and I don't think it was meant to be smelled that way.

At $10, it doesn't hurt to give this a try. I know this doesn't smell like Neroli Portofino, but this gives me similar vibes. The florals share a bit of similarity but this one leans towards a dense powdery violet with some mossy facets hidden in the base.

Performance is pretty good. There is a bit of depth but it's a fairly linear scent. I'm going to try layering this with Tea Rose to see if I can tone down the powdery and soapy qualities.

So you've got a getaway weekend planned at a cabin in the woods, just the two of you, and you're going to build a fire or two, turn off all the devices, and focus on each other. The day arrives and you're all set to get in the car and go, but you make the mistake of checking the weather and as luck would have it it is going to be raining all weekend. No problem, though, that has its own romance. You roll with the punches; your only worry is that the wood for the fire won't be properly covered and protected from the rain. You arrive and find it nice and dry in its own woodshed, so the fires you planned are a go, and now the rain isn't a liability at all, but another component that adds to the richness of this getaway weekend.

Gray Flannel is the only scent you need to pack. It will handle this weekend like a champ.

Grey Flannel is an exceptional fragrance, critically lauded, ever so polarizing to newer generations, and impressively natural-smelling and evocative of raw florals and vegetation in a way that belies its price.

Even in its most recent formulation, I am impressed with the opening that showcases a realistic narcissus, just like the scent that you're greeted with when your nose approaches their blooms. I believe the supporting galbanum helps exalt this note wonderfully. If anyone ever needs a recommendation for a frag with a prominent narcissus note, look no further than Grey Flannel. Sometimes, as with all things, when you are searching for something elusive and seemingly unattainable, what you seek is right in front of you, and with a 12 dollar price tag. Who would have thought? Plus it sure beats the rather diaphanous Eau de Narcisse Bleu by Hermes, it just takes some time getting used to.

And can we talk about the dry down? My oh my, lovely violet, mimosa, geranium, with a coating of iris. This further transforms in a mossy, musky, vetiver/cedar base that is a great coda to the wearing experience.

Haters, don't hate, appreciate! Open your mind and your nose to this classic.

I'm 34 and really love the way this smells from top to bottom very unique, clean, and mildly sweet throughout it's life be careful because this is potent I don't understand all the hate maybe it's because the powdery aspect but I still love it I would say this is good to wear in the fall on rainy days I hope they won't discontinue it I'll be stocking up real quick.

I would describe this as " barbershoppy moth balls"

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