Grey Flannel 
Geoffrey Beene (1975)

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Geoffrey Beene
Fragrance House

FIFI award winner in 1976

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Reviews of Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

There are 192 reviews of Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene.

I'm 34 and really love the way this smells from top to bottom very unique, clean, and mildly sweet throughout it's life be careful because this is potent I don't understand all the hate maybe it's because the powdery aspect but I still love it I would say this is good to wear in the fall on rainy days I hope they won't discontinue it I'll be stocking up real quick.
Jul 8, 2021

I would describe this as " barbershoppy moth balls"
May 21, 2021

I first experienced this fragrance in the late 80's (I was in my late teens at the time). I remember Grey Flannel being a green, violet superstar frag. So, for nostalgic reasons I repurchased it late 2020.

Upon re-smelling it I was massively disappointed. It was cloying and intensely perfume-like. The bottle was promptly banished to the back of my bathroom cabinet... narrowly avoiding being dumped in the bin. It was that bad.

Anyway, a few weeks passed. And out of sadistic curiously, I sprayed it again. It was a totally different experience this time. I was prepared for the intense opening notes and all I got was a green, masculine, floral bouquet.

The opening is strong. Very strong. Citrus, violet, green and VERY floral. Then, the dry down.... it's after 15-30 minutes that this fragrance becomes a mega star.... the powdery, woody and green notes kick-in. It's loud, confident, sophisticated and comforting.

I'm pleased I repurchased Grey Flannel, but also pleased I gave it a second chance. For the cost, I'd recommend blind-buying it. The quality is worthy of three times the price. Sure, you may hate it, but there's the equal likelihood you'll love it.

Nostalgia: 10/10
Fragrance: 8.5/10
Mar 27, 2021

Opening reminds me of the scent 'Zwitsal' products have. Which is a nice, inoffensive scent.

I also get an Arpège like feel.

In the drydown it becomes more musky. That musk is semi animalic which contrasts well with that clean opening.

It's more unisex to me. Like a muskier Arpège. It's not bad. Can see both men and women wearing this and they would smell good doing so.
Dec 20, 2020

This is a difficult fragrance to review because of all the baggage and infamy it has in the fragrance community.
If you've heard of the "Grey Flannel Challenge," YouTube reviewers were dared to try this fragrance and review it since it was supposedly such an outdated and oft-putting scent.

When I finally tried it for the first time I didn't think it was anything remotely awful. If anything I thought it was a pleasant smelling but quaint. Something a once-dandy-now-turned-senior citizen would wear. Soft and floral. It wasn't for me.

I tried it for a second time, and my feelings for it changed. Instead of this light floral scent, I noticed an overall soapy-quality that reminded me of something like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme. Now keep in mind Paco has a dirty aspect to it that gives it this uber-macho character to it while mixing it up with a bit of Irish Spring. I think a lot of late 70s and early 80s barbershop fragrances have that dirty/clean aspect going on. Grey Flannel doesn't have any dirty or challenging notes in the dry down. However, the soapy quality evokes a masculine sophistication.

Halston 1-12. That one opens greener and a little more masculine, but dries down into an even softer fragrance. I much prefer Grey Flannel, but I think both fragrances occupy the same lane.

This is definitely a quality fragrance that just so happens to be incredibly inexpensive. The more I wear it the more I like it. Originally, yeah I thought it was simple and dated. Now...I think it's one of the best, pre-90s fragrances I've ever smelled.

Dec 8, 2019

I just bought a new bottle and it must be reformulated. It's a far cry from what it used to smell like. To me it used to be a classic, bold men's floral fragrance, with the violet front and center, intense, kind of a "cool" floral scent. Now my new bottle smells like Geir, like white florals and a bit soapy. It's still a nice men's floral scent; it just isn't the way I knew it to be.
Dec 1, 2019

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