Green Wood 
Dsquared2 (2019)

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Reviews of Green Wood by Dsquared2

There are 3 reviews of Green Wood by Dsquared2.

Intrigued by the name and notes, but puzzled by the reviews, I took it upon myself to try this one out. A name with "green" in it, always has my attention.

Sadly, there is nothing green about this fragrance. After the alcohol in the opening dries, I'm met with a tart lemony woodsy opening. It does remind me a little bit of Dior Homme Sport, but more peppery. However, this quickly fades into a boring sweet sort of musky smell, and then a sandalwood smell, but more fake/chemical smelling. It's very light, and by 2 hours, it's almost completely gone.

I don't think it's as bad as others are making it out to be though. It is pleasant, but for the price, I can justify a thumbs down rating. If this were to go down to $20 a bottle, it would be a neutral rating.

I did get a compliment when wearing this to work, and she asked me what I was wearing.
Feb 13, 2021

Another thumbsdown. Boring is correct.
Would have faired better as a flanker to Encre Noir, which is what this mostly smells like.
The difference is where Lalique gives you a powerful dose of vetiver, almost to the point of excess, DSquared2 simply does not give you enough.
Encre Noir Lumiere is apt
May 29, 2020

It's quite difficult to know what to write here. Green Wood promises the idea of freshly cut silvan goodness but ends up petering out into nothing much. It's hardly worth rehearsing notes and development. It's just extremely boring. The negative verdict is more a reflection of its phoned-in artistic disinterestedness than it is of any of the particular false steps in composition. Although dull and generic it does at least avoid the flaccid overtones that some modern woods can provide.

Not angry, just disappointed.
Mar 11, 2020

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