Green Tea Eau de Parfum No. 1900 fragrance notes

    • citrus, jasmine, green tea

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I bought my first bottle of this last spring, so it has been in my collection almost 18 months. A wonderful, gorgeous and rich Green Tea Eau de Parfum from the C.O. Bigelow house. Ironically, I originally bought this beauty for my wife with the hope that it could be unisex and we could share. We both adore it and I find myself actually wearing it more often than her!

I am a confident man - this scent is as far from macho as you will find, but so articulate, beautiful and natural! I called the Bigelow Apothecary and spoke to someone who has been with the company for over 20 years and asked if men actually wear this..."Most definitely!" was her response. She said it is one of their top selling scents for both men and women, while some men have shyed away at first - and then returned to buy it later as it lingered on their skin, they found the affinity for it. I found it immediately! A great warm weather scent different from anything else I have (although I do have a Green Tea Eau de Cologne from Yves Rocher - which is a nice spritzer). You will get noticed wearing this. It projects wonderfully on the skin for the first couple hours and lasts as a very nice skin scent for many hours past that. It never loses its beauty.

This is a scent that requires clean skin, nice attire and an aire of sophistication - it could actually be a formal scent, or as I prefer, a warm weather scent that captures a mood of harmony with nice casual attire. A polo shirt, clean shaven, hair slicked back and a pair of nice khakis (or designer jeans). Nothing macho. If you want this scent to work with you, you have to understand that it is a rich, but simple composition - so attire needs to follow suit.

Perfect for daytime - I don't see this as an evening scent. The green tea note is wonderfully aromatic and strikingly real (so very natural), but the complimentary notes of citruses and jasmine make this what it is - special. The jasmine is smooth and very fragrant - not powdery at all. The citruses are very nice and linger in the composition well into the heart, although this is rather linear (which is perfectly fine for scent like this - it is brilliantly focused). For a green tea fragrance (and I have smelled several others), this is absolutely incredible - especially for the price. It could, technically, be worn year-round...but I find it to be magical in warm weather with the sun shining bright. The only requirement is that you are relaxed when wearing this - not one you would want to exercise while wearing. It is an EdP and should be adorned in a social setting, intimacy during the day or for pure aromatherapy.

Fantastic and charming scent that is truly unisex and of the highest quality ingredients. My favorite fragrance from the Bigelow house! Outstanding.
22nd July 2012