Green Tea 
Elizabeth Arden (1999)

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Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

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Green Tea is a women's perfume launched in 1999 by Elizabeth Arden

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Reviews of Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden

There are 51 reviews of Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden.

After she had done the sulphurous Tommy Girl, and that pocket masterpiece What about Adam, Calice Becker made a volte-face and did the horrible J'Adore.
And, during all this, it seems the boy wonder Kurkdjian (who had done Le Mâle and nothing else) was watching closely.
The year that J'Adore came out he signed off on Green Tea Arden, which is totally different from Le Mâle and clearly in the style of Becker: citrus and fruity rhubarb on green tea, and a smidgeon of amber in the base.
It’s tart and fresh, a summer cologne that cuts through the heat with ease.
And now, being twenty years old, it can be found online for peanuts.
A bargain.

I bought this blind and I’m glad I did. It was pretty much what I thought it would be, soft clean and fresh. It does start a little sharp with fresh citrus and mellows to a softer scent fairly quickly. It’s a great fragrance for day time, and non offensive

my mom used to give me samples of this or the other products like lotions as a gift when i was a kid. it was probably one of my earliest introductions to perfume and it still holds up as a favourite now that i'm an adult.

this is a great fragrance that smells very clean. it starts off a very sour, juicy citrus and transitions smoothly into an almost aquatic green tea and jasmine note that i would compare to sencha tea. the green tea note lasts throughout the dry down and compliments the amber and caraway well, ending the fragrance with a comforting, clean laundry type of smell with a bit of herbal depth. it lasts fairly long for me, i can get 5 hours out of this perfume easily. i think it would really suit humid, rainy spring or summer days. i also think this fragrance can be gender neutral and would be a good option for people who are sensitive to more intense smells, and/or very age appropriate for a teen or young adult who is just starting out with fragrance as i feel all of the notes are quite easy to identify and understand.

Mid-range bitterness to start. Mixed, squeezed, almost Real citrus. Not bad so far. I'm sure it is better, in hot weather[?]. Sometimes, heat ruins things. Anyway, the bitterness eventually fades, citrus rules, flowers move in. I only get a touch of tea. Nothing overly amazing or exceptional here.

The florals increase for me later; becomes prettier. Has a light, mellow base. Soft and musky with hints of a fresh garden. Not great for longevity. In the end - not too bad.

Most expensive anti-mosquito spray on this planet. Period.

Quite fleeting, as I can see it is on others too. I'm in firm agreement on those who found this to be more lemon than jasmine, however my appreciation of the light, steamy, brief tea note trumps the other inconsistencies. Fairly feminine-leaning unisex- like Tommy Girl. Works great as a “body spray”.

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