Green Lavender Cologne Intense 
Art of Shaving (2016)

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The Green Lavender Cologne is an herbaceous floral for the modern gentleman. Carefully crafted to effortlessly blend aromatic, tranquil lavender with the fresh, green notes of rosemary and peppermint. This heritage inspired fragrance is an ideal finishing touch to any grooming ritual.

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Reviews of Green Lavender Cologne Intense by Art of Shaving

There are 1 reviews of Green Lavender Cologne Intense by Art of Shaving.

Green Lavender, true to its name, is a rather simple concoction of laveder, tonka, rosemary with hints of cypress. The citrus notes are very subdued and don't stand out. The lavender is sweetish, not medicinal, and the different notes are well-balanced. Green lavender smells good, but is simplistic and a bit one-dimensional. While it does last a few hours, sillage is quite close to skin.

I feel this could have benefited a lot from more depth and complexity, and higher grade materials. In terms of scent profile it's similar to Czech & Speake's Oxford & Cambridge, but falling short in terms of quality. Maybe a good buy if heavily discounted, else it's far more worthwhile to get Oxford & Cambridge for something along these lines.

Jul 16, 2021

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