Green Irish Tweed fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, verbena
  • Heart

    • iris, violet leaf
  • Base

    • mysore sandalwood, ambergris

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GIT is green, herbaceous, balsamic, ozonated, with a vague synthetic scent. It looks a lot like Davidoff's CW but differs from it in the distinctly more chemical scent of its Teuton cousin, furthermore GIT remains greener and more aromatic where CW veers more towards the bubble bath effect. It is undoubtedly a perfume that has little natural but it must be admitted that it does not give the sensation of nauseating squirt, on the contrary... it remains very natural in its scents and extremely pleasant. Its ideal period is spring and early autumn but I must say that even in these sultry days it behaves very well and gives breaths of green, dry and masculine freshness. The performances, compared to the other Creeds, are atomic .. in the sense that it easily lasts 7 hours and feels good for the first 2; In short, all in all adequate performance. Does it cost much? definitely yes.... is it worth it? you must know ... I also had some bottles of CW very first version and in any case the comparison didn't hold up, the GIT is much more beautiful in my opinion, less synthetic in the rendering and in general at least 3 steps above the Davidoff. Masculine without ifs and buts. Handsome.
13th July 2023
It's one of the greatest fragrances ever created. An artistic masterpiece. 5 out of 5. Timeless. It can never smell "old" in my opinion. This is already an historic perfume, not because critics made it historic, but because fragrance enthusiasts made it historic and legendary.

In my opinion/observation, this fragrance doesn't have any volatile top notes that burn off within 20-30 minutes. The opening of the fragrance stays for around 3-5 hours before the heart notes fade off and reveal the base. I think your skin chemistry will heavily determine how long the opening lasts, although this is one fragrance where I don't think your skin chemistry is going to dramatically alter how it smells. This should smell practically the same on anyone's skin as off the test strip as well. 'Maybe' the lemon verbena note could shift sour on some skin, but shouldn't be noticeable among the other more prominent notes.

The base of the fragrance sets a foundation of a white cloudy, fairly-dense texture with hints of synthetic-chalky-mint. The Sandalwood plays an integral supporting role even though it's not really detectable for me, I know it's merging with other notes in the base to create a very pleasing combination. The heart of the fragrance is a deep natural quasi-vegetal grass/shrub green that has hints of sparkling spearmint in it IMO. The green heart notes have some intermittent moments of that sparkling green effervescence. (This is what separates the 'fakes' and 'knockoffs' from Green Irish Tweed, and IMO, what separates Green Irish Tweed from Davidoff's "Cool Water"). The lemon verbena gives a nice atmospheric touch and isn't dramatically noticeable. You can detect it if you focus on trying to pick it up, but if you're not thinking 'lemon' you won't really notice it's even there.

I generally describe this fragrance as a white cloudy, slightly chalky, sparkling green fragrance with touches of what smells like ionized moisture in the air. An effect sort of like you're near a river or around water that permeates the air. The green in the fragrance fluctuates from a dark lush green to a sparkling spearmint green off and on, which is what you will only find in Creed's fragrance. None of the copycats or knockoffs have this multi-green dark/bright flux in the heart. So, if you want the highest quality experience of this scent buy the Creed, not Cool Water or any knockoff.

This is inarguably one of the most beloved fragrances among those who have perfume as a hobby. If there is one fragrance where you would pony up several hundred dollars, this should be one of the easiest recommendations.
13th May 2023

This may be the bee's knees for the urbanite, but for someone who grew up in the countryside this just smells like a hot and humid summer morning in the South. Reminds me of all the smells when my dad would mow our 5 acres of grass, weeds, and fallen branches.
16th April 2023
Opening is very earthy, I definitely understand the “Green” in the name. Fresh, crisp and clean. After around 30 minutes, the top note fades and I began to notice the more floral violet notes, and some iris. The dry down is musky and woody, due to the ambergris and sandalwood. It’s a lovely dry down and my favorite part of this fragrance. The entire thing some captures the essence of rolling hills, crisp spring air, and the freshness of a light breeze. Perfect for a spring day when it’s not too hot out yet but not cold either, nice and fresh after the cold winter. A clean, safe, fresh scent.
17th March 2023
Green Irish Tweed is a great scent.
I am totally biased too because I am a fan of Bleecker Street by bond
This one features a similar composition.
Scent is year round
This does lean more masculine but scent is awesome.
A lot of folks take issue with GIT price point and liken it to an expensive soap but it's not that.
I've become a fan of dua solo scents that nail popular scents. Please check for GIT there. The scent is awesome. Who will be able to tell the difference?
24th February 2023
Green Irish Tweed... very lush... very stately... very sensual... very expensive... It's a big middle finger to the Stetsons and Jovan Musks of the world, and it isn't apologizing for it.

GIT takes you for a journey. Upon spritzing, there's invigorating, vivacious, yet dark and somewhat melancholic greenery. This bit fades fairly quickly, then it becomes (to my nose) a white floral-sprinkled iris with musky wood scent. Not many floral notes are listed, but GIT smells much more floral than the notes and reviewers mention, in my opinion. Don't worry, though, as these are not girly flowers, but rather sultry and stern ones. This stage reminds me a bit of Dior's Pure Poison,--a women's fragrance that I never thought smelled terribly feminine to begin with, so no surprise. Similar-smelling to Irish Spring soap and Cool Water? Sure, but there's a certain refined character that those two don't quite have.

I found both longevity and projection to be better than reported.

Green Irish Tweed is a solid special occasion option as opposed to one you douse yourself in. It would make a primo wedding fragrance in particular. Age? Anyone over 20. Of all 80s fragrances, I believe GIT aged the best.

Cannot imagine not having this in my collection.

19th January 2023
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