Greek Keys 
Sarah Baker Perfumes (2016)

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Reviews of Greek Keys by Sarah Baker Perfumes

There are 2 reviews of Greek Keys by Sarah Baker Perfumes.

This opens as a bracing citrus, with grapefruit, lemon & mandarin clearly discernible, a hint of floral hedione, & a whole heap of calone to give it that ocean breeze vibe. Herbal notes of rosemary & elemi appear, & one hour in the citrus fades, leaving that fresh, salty, almost sharp ocean breeze scented with herbs. After two hours it loses the sharpness, & the vetiver & mossy woods show through. Six hours in, there's coumarin in the base to complete the fougere-like picture. The projection is enormous, it lasts through a shower, & there are still traces of this on my skin after twenty four hours.
This is bright, sunny & refreshing, much like a Greek shoreline, & it reminds me somewhat of Tommy Bahama's Set Sail St Barts for Women. It's most definitely unisex, possibly a little too far to the masculine side for me, but I think it would cut through heat & humidity perfectly. I'll try it again in the summer to see how I feel about it then.
Apr 24, 2019

Big punch of citrus, sprigs of rosemary intertwined with an ozone note. A vague reminder of aldehydes. An imitation, of aldehydes. A layer of dark, deep things: elemi, cedar, oakmoss, and coumarin blended. A flower, poking up through the mix of darkness. Bright vetiver. Something mildly bitter, almost skanky. There is an oceanic vibe way underneath; a beach at low-tide smell, that develops. The citrus grove smell drifts away. It is still there, just close to the skin.

So far I think this is well-made. It's just not my type of scent. I am ultra picky with citrus or "aquatic" oriented fragrances. Overall it takes on a Southern European, coastal island vibe. You've got your citrus blowing on a warm breeze, terra firma, and the ocean close by... Greek Keys, indeed.
Mar 1, 2019

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