Great Lady 
Evyan (1957)


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Great Lady by Evyan

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Great Lady is a women's perfume launched in 1957 by Evyan

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Reviews of Great Lady by Evyan

There are 4 reviews of Great Lady by Evyan.

Great Lady is adorable. It's White Shoulders with spices, so what we have here is Oriental White Shoulders. Love it! Although if you are not a fan of White Shoulders you probably should give this a hard swerve.

This is lovely and surprisingly fresh. I bought a bottle that must be 50 years old but it happens to be encased in a brass cover so it is beautifully fresh. It is a very soapy, floral aldehyde that delights the nose with a bit of spiciness, perhaps a carnation note. The blend is smooth, as older fragrances often are and very classic ladylike. There is a powdery vibe in the mix. I think this would fit as the scent of a woman's boudoir.

totally unique; fruity, musky, metallic floral, violet smelling though not a note listed, maybe iris; as dries down woods come forward

OK... I'm the first reviewer, and I actually opened a sealed box for this review!My bottle was circa 1975, with a screw-on atomizer. It cost $10 new, with two price tags on the cellophane to prove it. Yes, it was actually $10.00... not $9.95 or $9.99!The bottle is very beautiful, by the way. The glass is covered in bright chrome, and the label is a little brass plaque on the front. The fragrance is also unusual, at least by modern standards. It's a deep, musky floral oriental with a metallic note in the background. Later, it turns to 'Dove' or 'Dial' soap, as many older perfumes ineveitably seem to do. I like it, but I can't seem to describe it very well. It's definitely from a different place and time... something made from natural materials that your grandmother would recognize and adore, and your pre-teen sister would flee in terror from.

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