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Great Britain by Roja Dove

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Great Britain is a shared scent by Roja Dove

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Reviews of Great Britain by Roja Dove

There are 5 reviews of Great Britain by Roja Dove.

If you disregard the price -- and that's impossible to do with this scent -- then this is a sophisticated, complex leather that delivers an average performance.

Even at the discounted price of 750 pounds, however, this is a wildly overpriced fragrance that isn't terribly accessible to most tastes and is poor value for money. On the other hand, the expensive materials used mean that you can (and probably only should) get away with two sprays for the day.

Lasting impressions: Versailles in the 18th century, complete with undertones of body odour and decadent rot.

This is one major leather scent. Fit for a king- and that's the problem for me.

I got a small decant of this just to see what something this pricey smells like.
Well, it does smell pricey.

A real potent aged and elegant leather smell. Plus a great violet note that pokes up its head in the middle of a typical melange of rich Roja notes. Another Basenoter once said it smelled like getting into the back seat of Rolls Royce an hour after someone was in there partying with a hooker.

I quite like it, but I'm not a king. Not even close to a prince or an earl. This is one of most opulent scents I've ever tried and I like plenty, but I'm just not serious enough to pull it off.

I own Chanel Cuir de Russie EDT produced somewhere around 2013 and although I am saving every drop grabbed out my decant of Great Britain and started comparing them.

Well... They are very much alike to me. One difference is I have a strange feeling Great Britain is very greasy/oily on my skin while Cuir de Russie EDT stays fairly and relatively dry. Also, it’s like comparing a heavyweight boxer to an English aristocrat. Do they have anything in common and if so - what is it? Well... they have the same DNA. Boxer is a son of the aristocrat.

This Roja has huge parameters though. One spray for over a day is more than enough. I would suggest you to decant it to a smaller bottle with a small atomizer and apply at least from a few centimeters distance. Otherwise you will choke people out.

Nothing more than a love. I guess it’s the first Roja Dove perfume that really „clicked” with me.

Roja Dove's ostentatiously priced Great Britain is an insignificant variation on the theme of Chanel's Cuir de Russie. While Great Britain is about as complex and abstract by construction, there is also something dense about it that results in an inadequate separation of notes, and the overall composition smells muddled. Additionally it is rather muted on skin with disappointing longevity.

Roja Dove has successfully "reinterpreted" vintage scents within portfolio, Diaghilev being a leading example. Great Britain doesn't make the grade at all.


Part of Roja Dove's "Haute Luxe" (high luxury) line, Great Britain is a leather-dominant parfum strength outing that tips a hat to Great Britain as a whole.

Boy, I loved the old-school, leathery-musky quality of Great Britain! Comparisons can be made to an extent to marvels like Chanel's Cuir de Russie.

Great Britain has a lovely iris-like, sweet-powdery flair that accents the rich leather vibe inherent here. All the resins, florals, woods, mosses, and spices do a great job to create a composite of the ideal Russian leather experience that is the sum of Great Britain. On an impressionistic level, GB paints a magnificent picture of British opulence and old-school prestige like few other scents in my recent memory - and I've tested a LOT! :-)

Unbelievable, try-it-to-appreciate-it scent that is stratospherically priced; for folks like me, I can only appreciate test spritzes at fragrance boutique shops rather than try to own even a decant of it. Nonetheless, I give it high marks for its brutish good character and quality, one of the best dang leather scents I've ever beheld. :-)

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