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Reviews of Gravity by Coty

There are 29 reviews of Gravity by Coty.

A decent budget cologne from Coty.

Gravity has a nice aromatic feel based on the use of clove, light white pepper, and slightly peppery sage. Interesting use of similarly peppery floral freesia in the heart continues this pepper theme, intersecting with nice lime and leather in the finish.

It's a thoughtfully constructed drugstore-level cologne that doesn't smell cheap nor pretentious. As such, it is easily purchased and a great way to smell nice without parting with a lot of money.

Aug 24, 2018

Gravity is a strange fellow that tried to take the aquatic craze into a wholly new direction upon launch in 1992. Coty Inc. hadn't given up the ghost on self-branding new fragrances just yet, but unlike their typically higher-end brand holdings, their own scents were more or less on level with Avon, Revlon, Mary Kay, MEM, Dana, and the like, with expected value pricing. Gravity would never be the runaway success of Stetson (1981), but as Coty's bid into the realm of "blue" masculines, it was certainly unique. Perhaps the strangest thing about the stuff is it really isn't an aquatic; it doesn't contain calone, doesn't have a watery feel, and doesn't have the longevity issues most of these fragrances possess. The name is rather apt for this juice, as it does have a real weight in it's drydown. What's stranger is Gravity really took off like a bat out of Hell in South Africa, producing nearly a half-dozen flankers and being the only country in the world where those flankers are available, plus the only place where the original 90's bottle design can be had; everywhere else gets a blue verison of the rectangular generic Coty masculine reissue bottle, with Gravity being mildly scarce in some markets now, like the US.

Gravity is probably the only fragrance I'll ever describe as an "aquatic leather" scent, because it contains the usual 90's aquatic top, but with a leathery chypre base of surprising depth. This one is definitely a polarizing scent, as the spread of ratings here show, but I happen to like it's contrasting nature, if only because it's the one scent I can describe as being a "rich blue" or "deep aquatic" with Polo Sport (1992) being the only other one coming close due to it's seaweed note. Gravity opens with white pepper, sage, and mandarin orange; nothing unusual there until a throwback twist of lime enters the mix. The middle shows a similar oddity with the coupling of cloves and freesia. Yes that's right: I said both a common ingredient in bay rum (cloves) mixed with a note usually forming the base of women's bath products (freesia). The 90's were a strange time for masculine fragrance to be sure. The base of this is the biggest point of contention, as a fat suede note combines with warm woods and vanilla (probably Iso-E Super for the woods), which means the transition from top to bottom is nearly like eating a layered jawbreaker; you start with one flavor and end up with another by the time you've finished. Cool and fresh, then a tiny bit of both flowers and spice before ending up warm and sweet. Since some of the top and middle always lingers, your nose gets to experience this odd clash of dynamics from start to finish.

The end results of wearing Gravity is an unintentional avant-garde mashup of a warm mostly-natural leather chypre and a cool synthetic top. Purists and niche fans will probably call this thing a horrid Frankenstein's monster of 90's stylistic values and traditional perfumery, and they wouldn't be wrong. Just like the obscure and unintentionally forward-thinking Avon Everest (1975), this one tries for a fresh aquatic ambiance without being a textbook aquatic, with the major difference being the designers of Gravity did it by choice rather than necessity since the chemistry did exist by then, unlike in 1975. It's one of few blue juices you can wear nearly into the winter due to it's base, but you probably won't want to. It's confusing top and bottom notes can sometimes mix really unpleasantly in hot air, and there is a certain plastic uneasiness about it at times that not only horribly dates it as "Oh my GOD the 90's!" but also makes it an acquired taste that few besides those yearning for nostalgia will want. I give it a thumbs up for daring to be so different from it's designer brothers of the day, but admit it's use is more limited than my review makes it seem.
Mar 2, 2018

Yes, Gravity is made by the econobrand Coty. Yes, it is a drugstore fragrance with the attendant low price. No, it's not natural or niche.

But, Gravity is pretty damned unique. It's a bit like Captain by Molyneux and a tad like Horizon (although the latter fragrance post-dates Gravity). It doesn't have the usual wispy aquatic character one might anticipate in a blue-hued bottle. In warm weather this can pack some oomph - go easy on the trigger when temperatures climb.

The touch of lime in this puts it on another plane from the usual cheapies.
Apr 12, 2016

I wore Gravity literally every day through my junior/senior high school up to my early 20's. In fact I remember the first bottle I bought at Revco Pharmacy.

This one opens up clean with lime and bit of barbershop familiarity from lavender. Spicy clove which gets sweetened by a touch of vanilla. Also a very detectable note of white pepper. The white pepper adds some cool and bracing qualities to the blend but it's also a little sharp. Quite a bit of leather in the finish.

Gravity by Coty is one I don't think people get because the glass bottle is blue and they're hoping for an aquatic. It's blue in the sense to reflect a cool/sharp yet colorful men's fragrance that was more weather compatible. Revisiting this again I still like it and thinking back this was a nice follow up to Preferred Stock by Coty as well.
Feb 16, 2015

GRAVITY is a horrid synthetic fragrance not worth it's discount price. Positively reeks of lime kool-aid...very overpowering and artificial. Further wearing/smelling yields an astringent cleaning fluid smell somewhat like the epoxy and enamel paint mix from model car kits. No discernable leather notes...maybe tanning acids? Really unpleasant all around! Longevity? Mercifully short!
Jun 6, 2014

Puke Award WinnerObviously someone's still buying this, because its still being sold. Yuk. Excuse me while I run to the nearest toilet...
Aug 3, 2013

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