In the long and rich history of traders in early Saint Louis, there is one name that often gets looked over when talking about the Choteaus and Lacledes: Charles Gratiot, Sr. Originally a fur trader from Montreal, Charles Gratiot moved to Saint Louis and established a robust trading business in the time of westward exploration.

Eventually marrying into the Choteau family, Gratiot bequeathed a league of land to Saint Louis to encourage its expansion. The Gratiot League Square contains parts of historic Forest Park; Saint Louis' Irish neighborhood, Dogtown, and Italian neighborhood, The Hill; and Chatillon Lux headquarters. This scent is inspired by the scents of Gratiot’s trading business.

Gratiot League Square fragrance notes

    • tobacco, leather, rose, clove, nutmeg, sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla, musk, bergamot, amber

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