Grass Oil for Men fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, lemon, mandarin, basil, galbanum, green notes
  • Heart

    • carnation, fern, geranium, cedarwood
  • Base

    • oakmoss, leather, labdanum, cinnamon, benzoin

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Latest Reviews of Grass Oil for Men

Surprisingly well-made and timeless formulation of herbal grassy goodness!

I wasn't altogether trying to smell like grass as a teenager when I first came across this scent (I spent my spring and summer months cutting it and had ENOUGH experience smelling like grass as it was!!). But, I was drawn to how natural and pleasant Grass Oil for Men felt to me: Not dirty, but clean and unusually pleasant.

This fragrance reminds me of what a lovely Demeter fragrance would achieve nowadays to recreate the smell of fresh cut grass in wearable form. Nice scent overall.

11th September 2018
This is a gem that I have not put my nose to since the 70's.
Seems to me, as I devour my sample of Vintage Givenchy III,
the the Jovan Grass Oil was similar. Thicker, denser and less refined than the Givenchy.
I remember it as possibly Unisex and probably slanted to the Masculine.
14th January 2016

Jovan Grass Oil for Men...the quintessential fragrance that will forever be etched in my mind as "the best" of them all from my youth. I love and will always fondly remember the vintage English Leather, Old Spice, British Sterling and Jade East, etc. But even as great as those were, NONE of them can hold a candle to Jovan Grass Oil for Men.

It was a fragrance that was civil...but not shy. A distinctive fresh, green and newly-cut lawn note is prevalent with first splashes and is followed by something that reminds me of the outside air with a cleansing breeze that smells so sweet on a sunny day in the summer.

It dries down to a nice pleasant clean, soapy, almost sweet-citrusy kind of scent that always reminded me that everything is going to be all right.

I miss it a lot.
2nd March 2014
I wore this in the sun when I was young and everything was sweet. It smelled like making love outdoors.
31st December 2013
I LOVED this scent. My father used to wear it. He was killed in an accident in 1977, i was 11. I hung on to that bottle forever. Smelling it always reminded me of him. A rough and tough logger, but he sure smelled good when he cleaned up! Over the years it went dry, now I have lost it. I would give anything for another bottle of it. Does anyone know how I could purchase one?
30th November 2008
OH MY GOSH… I remember wearing Grass Oil when I was 14. I kept the bottle for years, and years. It was a very small, plain, cylinder shaped, GREEN (glass?) bottle. Somewhere on it, it must have said Grass Oil. I don't know if it was on the bottom of the bottle?? I don't remember Jovan though. Maybe it was a sample bottle. I might have gotten it for Christmas. What's so strange is that I am a female, and the Grass Oil I remember could have been worn by both sexes I suppose?? I just know that I loved it. It was a very subtle scent - not loud and stinky like the other scents of that time. I'll never forget the smell - I have yet to smell anything like it. Are there any other companies that make Grass Oil? I'm just wondering about the little green bottle I had, and if it was Jovan?Renée
2nd October 2006
First purchased in 1974 in white opaque plastic bottle with tiniest of holes. Approx 3oz. Green printed label. Lasted 5-6 years and couldnt find again. Only discarded bottle in last 4-5 years.Current Musk and Sex Appeal seemingly juvenile in comparison! Oh well...yawn!!
26th September 2006
Funny thing. I got a bottle of this in 1977 and didn't much care for it: a bit too odd. But I didn't part with it either. Now I do like it. It's unusual and something I would not wear often, but I have warmed to it quite a bit. Lasts well.
27th December 2005
This is not the typical drugstore scent (where I found it the first time two decades ago). Whatever caused Jovan or the parent company Coty/Lancaster Group to shut this scent down was such a mistake they should kick themselves in the a&* and repeatedly recite incantations of their collective idiocy. "Andron" and "Grass Oil" should still be out in the market.
14th August 2005
I used to wear Jovan Grass Oil back in the late 70's and really liked it. I was lucky enough to get a bottle at an estate sale. I heard somewhere the reason they stopped making it was because it contained whale oil. It really is a very unusual and great smelling cologne.
31st March 2004